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course, the snow disappeared the next day as quickly as it had come.

As a young man of twenty-six, with his wife and infant son, Rasmus Hjelmeland took a chance with his future and moved to a wilderness of bush to carve out a living for himself and his family, which carried on for generations to come. Being a family of strong Lutheran faith, they were able to meet all obstacles and endure the hardships of their time, knowing that this was to be their place in life.

At the age of seventy-seven years, in September, 1948, Rasmus Hjelmeland passed away at the home of his son Adolph, where Rasmus and Ingeborg had lived since 1944 after the death of their daughter-in-law, Hannah. After Rasmus' death Ingeborg moved to Comstock, Wisconsin, with her son Robert and his wife, Adena. After six months Ingeborg moved back to Canada to live once again with her eldest son, Adolph. In November, 1950, at the age of seventy-nine years, Ingeborg Hjelmeland passed away and was buried alongside her husband at the Danvers Bethel Lutheran Cemetery.

Their children:

Adolph Richard, eldest son of Rasmus and Ingeborg Hjelmeland, was born in Donnelly, Minnesota, in March, 1898. In March, 1899, Adolph moved to Canada with his parents to N.W. 1O-18-18W in the Danvers district north of Erickson. As a young man, Adolph travelled back to Donnelly, Minnesota, where he met and married Hannah Lundberg in December, 1919. Shortly after their wedding Adolph moved back with Hannah to the Danvers district, where they resided on the land which Adolph had purchased, the N.E. 15-18-18W. In 1924, Adolph and Hannah adopted a baby daughter, Adelia, who was born on June 11, 1924. A few years later Adolph purchased the S.E. 16-18-18W, where he built a house in which he and his family resided. Adelia served in the Second World War and later married Robert Kerr of Toronto, Ontario. Hannah passed away in 1944 after a long battle with cancer. After Hannah's death, Adolph's

The Hjelmeland Fami/y. Back Row, Left to Right: Martha, Ole, Ado/ph, Ida, Robert, Minnie. Front Row: Rasmus, Sophie, Lena, Ingeborg, and Anna.

parents, Rasmus and Ingeborg, lived with Adolph until their deaths in 1948 and 1950 respectively. In December, 1951, Adolph married Mary Stocker of Cumberland, Wisconsin. In the spring of 195'2, Adolph returned with Mary to the Danvers district to live at Adolph's: farm­ stead. They had no' children. In 1958, Mary died in a car accident north of Cameron school, north of Minnedosa. Adolph was also seriously injured in the same accident. On September 8, 1963, at the age of sixty-five years, Adolph passed away in the local hospital at Erickson.

Ruth Sofie Amalia was born in October, 1899, the eldest daughter, died in infancy at the age of ten months, August, 1900.

Robert Samuel, the third child, was born in November, 1900, in his parent's farmhouse on the S.W. 1O-18-18W in the Danvers district. Robert purchased the S.E. 15-18- 18W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. He later travelled to Comstock, Wisconsin, where he met and married Adena Hedman. Shortly after their wedding, Robert and Adena moved to the Danvers district, where they resided for a year and then moved back to Com­ stock, Wisconsin, Robert and Adena set up a dairy operation, which they had for about twenty years. Adena passed away in July, 1964. After Adena's death Robert sold his dairy farm and moved to Los Angeles, California, where he joined a Bible School. Eventually Robert became the Dean of the boys' dormitory at the school. Robert moved to a Bible School in Omaha, Nebraska in the 1970's, where he carried on in the same line of work and where he still resides.

Anna Elisa was born in December, 1902, and married Martin Bergeson in 1920. They had three children; Irene, Lloyd and Donald. After the death of Martin, Anna married Neil Mcinnes of the Erickson District. (refer to Mcinnes, Neil and Anna).

Martin Luther was born in March, 1904, and died at the age of 16 years in September 1920, due to a heart condition that he had since birth.

Sophie Ruth Olivia was born in November, 1905, and married John Hofdahl. They had three children; Melvin, Olive and Evelyn. (refer to Hofdahl, John and Sophie).

Ida Ragna was born in December, 1906, and married Gust Wick dahl. They had five children; Henry, Gladys, Robert, Mabel and Earl. (refer to Wickdahl, Gust and Ida).

Mina Jacobine (Minnie) was born in October, 1908, and married Albert Furevick. They had two children; Marland and Merle. Minnie died in 1939, from com­ plications during pregnancy. (refer to Furevick, Albert and Minnie).

Ole Johan was born in January, 1910, and married Laura. They had five children; Milan, RoseAnne, Rudolph, LoraLi and Wayne. Ole died in 1965, at Fort St. John, B.C.

Martha Ruth was born in August, 1911, and married Art Gronlund. They had three children; Ruth, Neil and Evelyn. Martha died in 1970.

Lena Ingeborgwas born in January, 1913, and married Olaf Grunlund. They had six children: Marie, Ruby, Ken, John, Linda and Gordon. Lena and Olaf are presently living in Burnaby, B.C. (refer to Gronlund, Olaf and Lena).