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hydro in 1951 soon ended the use of kerosene lamps, icehouse and cookstove.

John and Sophie Hofdahl continued to farm at Otter Lake until John's death in 1964.

Today, in the eighties, the fifth generation of Hofdahls in Canada has begun to arrive. Direct descendants of the three young Hofdahl children who came to Erickson in 1912are-

John Oman (son of Wilhelmina) and his wife Ellen (Cook) have three children, Forrest, Garry and Louise and six grandchildren. Michael and Kevin and Tammy Lynn are children of Forrest and Nellie (Lavoie). Dwayne and Douglas are the children of Garry and Louise (Halliday). Erin and Chad are the children of Louise and Adam Prokopchuk.

Einar Oman (son of Wilhelmina), now retired to Minnedosa, continued to farm with his father Edwin until a short time ago.

Edna (daughter of Wilhelmina) and her husband, Lawrence Sjoberg, have two children, David and Donna, and one grandchild, Katherine, the daughter of David and Dianne (Stephenson).

Melvin (son of John) and his wife Audrey (Burnett) have two children, John and Linda.

Olive (daughter of John) and her husband, Martin Stamler, have four children, James, Christopher, twins Joan and Janet, and one grandchild, Dean, the son of Jim and Carol (Christian).

Evelyn (daughter of John) and her husband, Ian Hamilton, have four children, Gail, Robert, Erla and Scott, and one grandchild, Elizabeth, the daughter of Gail and Bill Cooke.

Lloyd Thompson (son of Clara) and his wife Pat, have three children, Christopher, Karen-Louise and Andrew.


by Dorothy

Maurice Hogeland with his wife and younger daughter Barbara, arrived in Erickson on November 1, 1974, as manager of the Manitoba Pool Elevator.

Maurice, born at McConnell, Manitoba, in 1926, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Hogeland, and Dorothy, born 1928, at Hamiota, Manitoba, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rae Armstrong, were married at Cardale in 1951. They have a family of three.

Irene, born at Hamiota in 1952. Her husband Robert, Ray and children Heather and Greg reside in Innisford, Alberta.

George, born at Souris, Manitoba, 1955, his wife Diane Osterhaut and children Pamela and Bradley reside at Dowden, Alberta.

Barbara, Mrs. Regan Wruth, born at Souris, 1961, presently resides in Erickson.

Maurice began his career with Manitoba Pool Elevators at Rapid City, Man., in 1952, and subsequent positions were at Souris, Hathaway, Siding, Inglis, and Letellier.

As a family they have taken an active part in com­ munity affairs and sports. Maurice has always had a great love for horses, which incidentally "rubbed off" on

the kids who all leanred to ride and drive, as well as care for the horses at an early age. In younger years, Maurice was jockey for Uncle Bob King, and later was active in Pony Chuckwagon and Chariot racing - this was definitely a family affair and life got hectic at times! Camping and fishing are still favorite pastimes. In recent years, Maurice and Dorothy have enjoyed "35 years and over" Slow Pitch ball, and hopefully they will be able to participate for a few more years.

In January, 1982, Maurice resigned from Manitoba Pool Elevators, and took the position of Fire Inspector with pool Insurance Company. He inspects all Manitoba Pool properties in the province and is usually home only on weekends, resulting in a different life style for them.

They cherish the many good friends they have made through the years, also the memories of working and playing with the people of each and every community in which they have been fortunate enough to be a part.


Evert Holm went to school in Hazelwood and as he grew into manhood, fell in love and married, Like and Mary Naswell's second youngest daughter, Trudy.

They farmed in the Hilltop district for ten years and their one and only daughter Starr was born to them.

Evert worked on the c.p .R. railway in Minnedosa for 5 years (graveyard shift) and commuted back and forth each day to Hilltop to farm their land, where Trudy and Starr were keeping the home fires burning. In 1956, they sold their farm in Hilltop and moved to Victoria, B.C. where they made their home for twenty years, Evert's trade being a carpenter.

Their daughter Starr grew up and married George William Martin, youngest son of John and Betty Martin and resided in Victoria, B.C. until both families moved to Fort St. John, B.C. in 1976. They have two children; Tami Susan Marie Martin and Daniel Evert John Martin. Evert is still a carpenter and George has an Ambulance First Aid business in the Oil Industry.


by Gerald Holm, Ruby Nylen, Della Nylen and Walter Holm

Nils Erickson was born in Jamtland, Sweden, on April 22, 1864, and grew up with a love for nature which eventually persuaded him to choose the Scandinavia area of Manitoba for settlement of his family in Canada. Prior to his departure for the "promised land" in May, 1903, he had worked as a shoemaker and while in the Village of Norderasen, he met Martha Lucia Gronlund, born on December 31, 1868. They were married on February 19, 1891. Two children were born to them in Sweden; Ottilia Karolina on July 29, 1892, and Olof Nicholas Eugene on November 15, 1896. By November, 1905, the family was united in the Scandinavia district and in August, 1906, he applied for homestead entry on S. W. 24-18-18W. He bought a huge pair of oxen to pull stumps and break the stony land. By 1910, they had a