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home and to farm their land, batching it in a house on Hugh's farm. In December of 1931, John married Elizabeth Lavina McPherson of Clanwilliam. They lived in a house on his father's farm until 1940, when they built a new home on his farm. In 1941, a daughter, Elizabeth Evelyn, was born but did not survive. John and Elsie farmed until 1973, when they moved to Erickson. Elsie passed away in September of 1980 and was laid to rest in the Erickson Cemetery.

Hugh George Samuel, the second son of Archie and Maud, was born in 1905. He attended Lakelet School and was a member of the Anglican Church. He helped his father farm, and in 1927 took over some of his father's farms, the S.E. 1O-17-18W and the east half of N.W. 10- 17-18W. In April of 1931, Hugh married Gertrude Rose Saunders of the Crocus district. They moved to the house on Hugh's farm, then in 1936 a new house was built. Hugh was involved with the building of several roads in the area, using horses and scrapers. He passed away in August of 1980 and was laid to rest in All Saints Cemetery. Hugh and Gertie had one daughter, Velma, who attended school at Westmount, and now lives on the family farm with her mother.

Albert James Ephriam, the third son of Archie and Maud, was born in September of 1907. He passed away in December, 1909.

Ernest Frank Allan was born in 1910 and received his education at Lakelet School. After helping dad on the farm for a few years he moved to Clanwilliam, where he operated a barber shop and poolroom. In June of 1931 he married Irene Matilda (Judy) Peck. They moved to Moore Park, where Frank was Elevator Agent and Judy operated the railroad station. Judy passed away in 1957. In March of 1958, Frank married Mrs. Mary MacDonald (the former Mary Skatch), who passed away in Sep­ tember of 1958. Frank then operated a store in Moore Park and was an agent for an insurance company. In July of 1960, he married Ellen Isabel Curle. They continued to run the store for a few years and also had a small herd of cattle. They have now retired. Frank has one step-son, Jerry MacDonald.

Dave Hunter Family. Rosetta, Dave Jr., Viola, Anna Mae, Ray and Harvey.

The Dave Hunter Family. Left to Right: Etta, Norene, Viola, Elmer, Verna, Leonard, Anna Mae, Dave and Harvey.

Mary Evelyn Isabel, the only daughter of Archie and Maud, was born in 1913. In 1943, Mary married Walter Hagglund, who was in the armed forces stationed at Shilo. They later moved to Winnipeg. Mary and Walter had one daughter, Sharon. Mary passed away in 1967 and is buried at St. Vital. Sharon married Robert Conrad and they have one daughter, Sandra. They live in Winnipeg.

Henry Olliver Arthur, the youngest child of Archie and Maud, was born in 1923. He joined the RCAF and was stationed in Alberta. It was here that he met Mildred Greeno, who became his wife in 1944. They reside in Lethbridge, Alta., where Henry first worked for a dry­ cleaning firm. He then got a job as Water Rights In­ spector for the Alberta government until his retirement in 1982. They have one son, Larry, who is with the RCMP in Ottawa. Larry married Maureen Coulter, of Ar­ borfield, Sask., and they have two children, Carrie and Jeffrey.

Mary Ann Matilda, third daughter of James and Mary, was born in 1869. She married Thomas Dunbar in 1889 and moved to Alonsa, Man. to live. She passed away in 1932.

David Bolton

Nancy Elizabeth, fourth daughter of James and Mary, was born in 1873. She married John Dunbar in March of 1894 and passed away later that year, August of 1894.

Emma Spry, fifth daughter of James and Mary, was born in 1875. She was married to Joseph Wark in 1901. They had two sons, Alfred and James. She passed away in 1905.

Henry Albert, sixth son of James and Mary, was born in 1879. He married Amelia Gilles and they had two daughters, Beatrice (Mrs. Elmer Wilson) and Christina (Mrs. Norman Vann). Henry passed away in 1920.

William Mil/en, the twelfth child of James and Mary Ann was born in 1881. He passed away in 1906.

Out of the seed, the flower; out of the flower, the seed; Out of the need, the power; out of the power, the deed.