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Brenda Lynn, born December 20, 1955, at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit, attended Erickson Elementary and Balfour High School in Regina, graduating in 1973. Brenda married William Selensky. They had three children reside in Regina, Saskatchewan. Leonard Keith, born December 28, 1973, Shawna Lynn, born June 5, 1975, Patrick Adam, born January 12, 1981.

Bryan Leonard, born March 10, 1959, at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. He attended Erickson Elementary and Scott Collegiate in Regina. Bryan was active in Cubs, Hockey and Baseball. He now resides in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Axel was born June 20,1902, on S.E. 6-18-17W. At the age of almost three years Axel's mother passed away.

Axel, like his older brother Ernest was raised by his father and kind families. He stayed at Henry Miller's Boarding House for two years and another two years at Nils and Carolina Halverson's home.

During this time, he attended school at Erickson. Later he worked on his father's farm. When he was old enough, he operated a Planer. Axel learned the trade well from his father, Andrew. He moved from farm to farm doing custom work.

Axel played the accordian. He and his brother played for dances and weddings. Axel never married. He moved to Erickson in 1948, and passed away November 24, 1979.

Jacob Jacobson


Kama was born in 1863 in Sweden. She immigrated to Canada, coming to the Scandinavia area where her sister, Mrs. John Forsman, lived. Kama was a midwife.


She moved to Erickson to her new home which her son built for her, on the site where Barney's Service is today. Later, she sold the property to Carl Johnson and moved further east in Town, where she lived until she passed away in 1941.

Kama had one son Henning Okeson, he was born in 1890 in Sweden, coming to Canada at the age of fourteen years. His Uncle John Forsman sent him the ticket, which at that time was eighty-five dollars. He worked for one year to pay his uncle and had very little left over.

He moved to Erickson for some years, later moving to Port Hammond, B.c. where Henning and his wife Hattie made their home. Hattie passed away, later Henning remarried and they had seven children.

Left to Right: Kama Jacobson, Rolf Forsman, Mrs. John Forsman holding Sture Forsman and Minnie Forsman.


by Jansson descendants

Most immigrants to Canada came searching for God, gold or glory. Anders Jansson and his family probably came searching for gold or the wealth that was sup­ posedly found in America or particularly in Canada. They had little if any knowledge of the hardships they would encounter in the new world, but that inner strength of all early newcomers was also with them and helped them to survive.

Anders Jansson was born in Smedjebaken, Sweden, in 1864. He married Beda Hedren in 1885. They had a relatively good living in Sweden where Anders was the son of a storekeeper and only son - and Beda the daughter of a school teacher. They had five children born in Sweden - Paul, Elis, Ruth, Helmer and Konrad.

In 1894, the Janssons decided to immigrate to Canada.