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of the Erickson church. Bertha played the pump organ for several years. They farmed until 1956, when they retired to Erickson. Carl and Bertha have since passed away, Bertha on September 4, 1982.

Carl and Bertha had three children; Elvera, Mavis and a stillborn infant son. Elvera "Vera" born and educated in the Erickson area. In 1953, she married Ferg Challborn. (refer to Challborn, Ernest and Hulda). Mavis, born and educated in the Erickson area and later graduated as a Registered Nurse. In 1962, she married Frank Hyde of Lowefarm, Manitoba. Frank and Mavis have two sons, Colin and Cameron. The family reside in Winnipeg where Frank is employed by the City of Winnipeg Assessment Branch.

Amy born December 18, 1888, eldest daughter of Amos and Gustafva was raised by Charles and Olivia Swanberg as their own daughter. In 1908, Amy and her foster parents moved to Minnesota, U.S.A. She married Louis Moline and they resided at Minneapolis, Min­ nesota. Amy and Louis had four children; Olivia, Carl, Vernon and Kenneth. In 1983, she is in her 95th year.

Gotfrid, born in 1890, came to Canada when he was eight years of age. (refer to Johnson, Gotfrid and Olga).

Oliver, born December 13, 1891, at Minneapolis, Minnesota and came to Canada at six years of age. In July, 1914, he married Lydia Margaret Wickdahl, daughter of Bernt and Gertrude Wickdahl. They farmed on three locations, first N.W. 3-18-18W, second S.E. 3- 18-18W and then N.E. 1O-18-18W. Oliver and Lydia moved to Erickson and Oliver was employed as a Car­ penter at Clear Lake and later worked for Halls Con­ struction of Winnipeg building elevators. At thirty-five years, Oliver passed away April 27, 1927. Lydia and her daughters lived in Erickson. She was one of the early school teachers at Erickson. Lydia later married Freeman Goodman and he has since passed away. She now resides in Winnipeg. Oliver and Lydia had four daughters, Alice, Olive, Irene and Thelma. Alice, married E.R. "Bob" Goddard and they resided in Winnipeg where Bob was employed by the C.N. Railway until retiring in 1957. Alice and Bob had two children, Joan and Alan. Bob passed away in March, 1967, and Alice continues to reside at St. James, Manitoba. Olive, married Harold "Bubs" Pedersen, son of the Myers Pedersen's of Clanwilliam. Olive and Harold had a son.. Walter. Harold has since passed away and Olive resides in Winnipeg. Irene, born May 18, 1920, at Erickson where she attended school and worked in business places in the area. She married Angus Madill, son of Albert and Jessie Madill of Clear Lake. (refer to Madill, Angus and Irene). Thelma, graduated as a Registered Surgical Nurse. She married Dr. Sam Levin and they moved to Rosthern, Saskatchewan, and later returned to Winnipeg. Thelma and Sam had four sons, Brian, Bobby, Gordon and Keith. Sam passed away in September, 1978, and Thelma is Assistant Director of Nursing Administration at the Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg.

Caroline "Carrie" was born January 23, 1894, at Minneapolis and came to Canada in 1898. She attended Erickson school. In 1910, she was confirmed and became a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Scan­ dinavia. Carrie married Victor Wallstrom, son of Peter


and Anna Walstrom. (refer to Walstrom, Peter and Anna).

Ester Rebecca, born September 23, 1896, and came to Canada at two years of age. She passed away August 30, 1900, of Diptheria during the epidemic. Ester was buried at the Scandinavia cemetery.

Harold, Gotfrid, Carrie and Carl Johnson.

Harold, born September 4, 1900, at Scandinavia and received a minimal education at Erickson school. After leaving the district, he worked for International Har­ vester for many years and later to Versatile Manufac­ turing Company. In 1929, Harold married Mary Lee of Hartney, Manitoba, and they had four sons and two daughters. They are Delbert, William, Donald, Alvin, Kathleen and Sylvia. Harold and Mary divorced. In 1950, he married Eileen Sellings and they had six children; Terry, twins Kathrine and Karen, David, Robert and Sheila. Harold passed away December 27, 1979, and Eileen resides in Winnipeg.


by Herbert Johnson

Gotfrid was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Johnson. His father was a carpenter, but wished to homestead in Canada where he could both farm and build in a new area. He felt a growing population would provide ample opportunity for both. They came to the S.E. of 2-18-18W on the western shore of Otter Lake.

Gotfrid learned carpentry and cabinetmaking by working with his father and this became a regular oc­ cupation for many years. Olga Carlson had come from Stockholm, Sweden, with her family as a child of twelve. Having attended school in Sweden, it did not take more