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the fall of 1976 living with her aunt and uncle, Dorland and Viola Burkett, until her sister moved out of the little house next door she had been renting from Burkett's. After Iris moved to Minnedosa, Laureen moved into the house she vacated and since Iris' position at the Municipal Office was available she was accepted for the job. She worked there until Harold Paulsen retired, then she relocated, with the insurance business, and is now employed by William Piett. She married The Rev. Carlyle Johnson in December, 1981. (refer to Johnson, Carlyne and Laureen). In the summer of 1976, their second daughter Iris moved back to Erickson being employed by Harold Paulsen until she married James Oakley of Minnedosa, July, 1977. They moved to Minnedosa where Jim is employed at the Mohawk Gasahol plant and Iris works part time for Nancy Taylor's Insurance. They have two children, Shaun, born December, 1978, and Meigan, born August, 1980. Janice worked for two years as secretary at West Coast Motors after graduation until she met and in June, 1981, married Thomas Stinson, who works with his father in Haney Builders. She is now a preschool teacher and fitness instructor and they live on the outskirts of Maple Ridge. Melanie and Carolann are in the process of finishing their schooling, living at home with their parents.

Dora, after her father's death, was taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Forsberg, a grain buyer in Erickson, and she stayed with them for two years. She obtained her 9th grade in Onanole, at that time staying with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Frith returning to Forsberg's while taking her grade 10. Part way through her 11th year at school she quit and went to work for Mr. and Mrs. Lachlan Mcinnes. She married Steve Marcino in May of 1941. (refer to Marcino, Steve and Dora).

Charlie was ten years old when his father Sydney died and he was put in a foster home at George Barclay's in Onanole where he lived for three years on the farm. He went to school there finishing his grade 8, also having to learn to milk cows, do chores, field work and harvest. In 1940, he left to look after himself. He moved in with his sister Dora, until he found work at Theodore Johnson's of Clanwilliam. He continued his education at Grey School for three years, being active in softball, curling and skating. Charlie was confirmed in the Free.Lutheran Church in Clanwilliam. In 1945, he worked for Johnny Johnson, a building contractor in Minnedosa, later going to work in the bush camps in Ontario. He returned in the spring of 1949, and worked for John Marcino until August when he started training in the Manitoba Pool Elevators at Erickson. He got his first elevator at Makinak, Manitoba, on July 10, 1951, and that winter in November he married Viola Sjovold. One month after they were married they had the misfortune of having their house burn down. With the help of the people of Erickson and surrounding district who donated money and articles they were able to set up again, sponsored by the Farmer's Union. Residing then, as well as now, in Makinak, they had a family of two boys. Alvin was born Mach, 1953, graduated from Dauphin school, married Bernice Cleave of Ochre River and they have a family of three. Murray was born October, 1954, graduated from Dauphin School, married Valerie Nagy of Middle Lake,


Saskatchewan, and they have a family of two children. Both Alvin and Murray are employed with Manitoba Hydro and live in Thompson, Manitoba.

Sidney Jr.,the youngest of four children, was born October, 1928. He was nine years when his father died having lost his mother earlier. He spent the next few years moving from place to place, Teddy Weston's, Joe English's during which time he attended the Tales School, Carl Wickdahl's and c.o. Carlson's. He stayed in Clanwilliam with his brother Charlie for awhile and during the war he lived with his sister Dora of Erickson. He worked for Philip Gusdal about 1945 and 1946 or 1947, he left for B.C. He worked in various logging camps throughout the province. He married and they had two children, Kathy born 1952, and Karry born in 1954. Sidney is now living at Central City Mission in Van­ couver, B.C. Both Kathy and Karry are married and living in B.C. Kathy has four children and Karry has two.


Dave and Bernice, nee Leonard arrived in the Scan­ dinavia area in 1925 on S.E. 17-18-17W from Franklin, Manitoba, with their two children, Phyllis and Richard John David. Dave had previously worked as a carpenter. The farm was very run-down so they only intended to repair the buildings and clean up the land to re-sell, but ended up staying in the Scandinavia district for twenty­ two years. Dave did some carpenter work at Clear Lake between farming. Bernice acted as midwife delivering and helping the doctor deliver babies. Dave passed away of pneumonia on July 6, 1936. Bernice stayed on the farm for two years, then she had a small home built by the Scandinavia school. Dave and Bernice's son helped on the farm, then rented it to Charles Turner and later selling it to the Horwoods. Bernice remained in her small home in Scandinavia for eight years and in 1946, moved to Minnedosa. She passed away on November 21, 1947. They had three children, Phyllis, Jack and Dolly.

Phyllis, born June 10, 1914, in the Franklin district, where she started school, one year at Norland and then to Scandinavia school. In 1932, Phyllis married Jack Cummins. They helped her mother on the farm until he enlisted in the Armed Forces. Phyllis and Jack had a daughter, Beverly, born March 1, 1936, on the home farm, attended Scandinavia School. Beverly is married and has a daughter and reside at Calgary, Alberta.

Jack Cummins has since passed away and Phyllis has remarried, living at Beausejour, Manitoba.

Richard John "Jack" David, born October 26, 1918, in the Franklin district where he first attended school, then to school at Norland for a year and another year at Scandinavia school. On September 30, 1938, he married Vera Hutton, daughter of William Malcolm and Vera Hutton. Jack and Vera reside at Prince George, B.C. They had two children, Patricia Jean and John David.

Patricia Jean, born October 17, 1939; She married Lorne Elmer Carmichael, of Riding Mountain, Manitoba, on April 30, 1960. Lorne was born May 23, 1940. Lorne and Patricia presently reside in Prince