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Theresa, who resides in Ottawa. Pearl resides at Van­ couver, British Columbia.

Lillian, born April 30, 1912, attended Norland School.

She worked at the home of Nick Synchyshyn and Dr. Rutledge. Lillian moved to Toronto to live with her older sister Chris. In October 1931, she married John Monosky of Toronto.

Martha (Margaret), born June 1, 1913, attended Norland School. She worked at several places, Arvid Ullbergs', John and Henna Neilsons', Ole Lees', Min­ nedosa Hotel, Minnedosa Theatre and Alex Madills' farm at Bethany. Margaret married Mike Boyko. (refer to Boyko, Mike and Margaret).

Michael Ervin - (refer to Kopeechuk, Ervin and Nettie).

John (Jack) - (refer to Kopeechuk, John and Katherine).

Pauline, born November 1921, attended Scandinavia School. She worked in the area until she moved to Toronto, then to St. Catharines. Pauline married John Haldane in 1939. They had one son, John (Skip). John Sr. passed away in 1971.

Pauline married Charles Patterson, they reside at Vineland, Ontario.

Pauline and John's son John (Skip) married Camiel in December 1969. They reside at Whitby, Ontario with their two daughters, Nancy and Natasha.

Hilda, born April 2, 1923, attended Scandinavia School. She worked in homes until moving to Toronto. Hilda has a daughter Gloria by a previous marriage. Gloria resides in San Francisco. Hilda and her husband, Fred Romaniuk, reside at Golden, B.C.


by Nettie Kopeechuk

Michael Ervin, son of Wasyl and Pearl Kopeechuk, was born November 16, 1914, on S.W. 1O-18-17W. He attended Norland and Scandinavia School.

At the age of eleven, he started working on his father's farm. Ervin found the work very hard, especially walking behind the horses "Pete and Jess" while they pulled the plow, harrows or whatever had to be done.

In 1930, he worked for Dan Bell at Basswood, then in 1937, at Fred Ostrom's farm in the R.M. of Clanwilliam.

Ervin married Nettie Babiuk on June 17, 1939, in Winnipeg. Nettie was the daughter of Savilon and Pearl Babiuk of Miniota. She had been employed at the Erickson Hotel.

They purchased the Fred Ostrom farm in the Hilltop district in 1945 and remained there until 1973 when ill health forced Ervin to retire. They purchased a home in Minnedosa, where they are kept busy but enjoying it.

Their family are:

Lillian Joyce, born July 7, 1938, attended Lund, Hilltop and Erickson Schools. She was a Cafe Supervisor at Ninette Sanitarium. Lillian married John Roshka in 1958. (refer to Roshka, William and Olga).

Edward Ronald, born June 21, 1942, attended Hilltop School and Caronport High School in Saskatchewan. Edward married Margaret Lindsay on July 9, 1965. They


have three daughters, Linda, Sharon and Caroline. The family reside in the Queensville area of Ontario.

Eleanor Bernice, born July 26, 1943, attended Hilltop School. Eleanor married Elmars Jansons on November 9, 1963. They have two children, Eriks and Diana. The family reside in the Toronto area.

Erwin Rae, born May 2, 1951, attended school at Hilltop and Erickson. Rae married Steffie Koroscil in 1973. They have a son Andrew, born 1982. They reside in Brandon.

Laural Deane, born April 18, 1959. He attended school at Erickson and Minnedosa. Deane married Elaine Fournie on April 12, 1980. They have a daughter. The family resides in Brandon.

Marcianna Mari, born March 6, 1964. She attended Erickson and Minnedosa schools and presently resides at home.

Solmon (Jimmy) McKay, their foster son, was born September 5, 1966. He attends school at Minnedosa and resides at home.


Jack was born May 9, 1917. He was the youngest son of Wasyl and Pearl Kopeechuk. Jack attended Norland School. He recalls the gum rubbers he wore in the winter months were not the warmest.

In 1928, when his parents moved to N.W. 4-18-17W, he attended the Little Red Schoolhouse at Scandinavia. As a young lad, Jack helped on the family farm during the summer months. In the winter, he would cut and haul wood by team and sleigh to Minnedosa as many other farmers did to help provide for the family. Later he worked on Threshing Gangs and sawmill crews. In the 1930's he worked on the highway in the Riding Mountain National Park.

On November 8, 1945, Jack married Katherine Tymchuk of Wroxton, Saskatchewan. They resided with Jack's parents and in 1946, purchased it from them. In the same year he purchased a Tractor Crawler which helped clear more land and did some custom work to pay for it.

In the 1950's he had purchased a threshing machine which went from farm to farm until harvesting was completed.

Jack and Kay continued to farm until 1973, when the farm was sold to their son Lorne and his wife Myrna. They built a retirement home in Erickson.

Kay worked at Mary's Cafe and the Nordic Inn but now enjoys knitting, crocheting and quilting.

Jack keeps busy, attending auction sales, fishing, trapping, visits back to the farm and restoring old tractors.

Jack and Kay are members of the Perky Pioneers and the Sacred Heart Church of which Kay is a member of the Ladies' Group.

They had five children:

Lorne was born in October, 1946. He received his schooling at Scandinavia, Erickson Elementary and