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and then moved into their own home, a three room log house with an attic, in the district of Hilltop. They worked hard on the homestead, and at one time in the early 1890's mortgaged the farm for the sum of $64.00 at an interest rate of 6%, in order to purchase material for buildings and one six-year-old cow.

Pete was one of the first officers of the Hilltop Baptist Church built in 1898, and was also one of the pioneers donating "four ready-made logs" for the construction of the Hilltop District School No. 801, in 1894. Two more children were born in Canada; Hannah in 1888, and John Emil in 1891. (refer to Larson - Emil and Emmy). Anna Charlotta Larson died in 1927, and Peter Erick Larson died in 1942.

Ida married Ben Beddome and they had three sons, Percy, Lawrence and George. Hannah married Oscar Nordin from Newdale, and they had three daughters, Alva, Vernice and June.


John Emil was born on April 7th, 1891. He married Emmy Skoglund in 1924. They continued to farm on the original homestead, building a new larger home in 1926, and later buying more land. For one year during the 1930's the Hilltop post office was operated by Emil Larson, operating out of the old house on the farm. Emil and Emmy were active in the community as members and officers of the Hilltop Baptist Church and the Hilltop school, where their children attended until going to high school in Erickson. They continued farming until they retired to Erickson in 1956 when their son Roger and his wife Leona took over the farm, and they continued farming until Roger's death on December 25th, 1971 - 84 years.

After Emil's death in January, 1962, Emmy continued

Emmy Larson

to live in Erickson, buying a house from W. Earley where she lived for several years. She moved to Parkland Home in 1973, and enjoys her comfortable suite there. She celebrated her 81st birthday in 1982 and still enjoys good health. She is active in the Hilltop Baptist Church and in many community activities.

Emil and Emmy had six children.

The Emil Larson Family. Left to Right: Delmar, Edna, Emmy, Roger, Emil, Florence and Gerald.

Lawrence Wallace

Born and raised on the family farm in Hilltop, working for several years with his father on the farm. He attended the Hilltop Baptist Church and became a member. At the age of 17, he surrendered his life to the Lord, and a few years later, he attended the Christian Training Institute in Edmonton, in preparation for his future lifework, graduating after a four year course, in 1951. On October 26, 1950, he married Ruth Sargent of Thunder Bay, Ontario. They lived in Winnipeg for about eight years, and conducted services in a new work at Mountbatten, in the St. Vital area.

In March 1959, he accepted a full-time pastorate in Saskatchewan and has served in churches at Ridgedale, Bagley, Birch Hills, Wadena, and is presently the pastor of the Melfort Baptist Church. All of these churches are members of the Central Canada Baptist Conference. He has served for many years on the Extension Committee for Saskatchewan, several of which he was chairman. Besides his full time pastoral duties, he has also con­ ducted Children's Crusades and speaks at Children's Bible Camps and has held positions on Bible Camp Boards.

Lawrence and Ruth have two teenage children Larry and Carol.

Edna Anne Christine

After attending school in Hilltop and High School in Erickson she taught school for one year in Scandinavia as