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for themselves. Some of the shops were: Bergwalls's, Hillstrand's, Nystrom, Lofgrens, Wickdahls.

Erickson always had their own blacksmith as early as 1914. Some of them were: Hartvig Hanson, Ed Landry, Rolf Forsman, Frank Murphy and Pete Oleniuk. The last two shops in operation were John Frankiw and Frank Morris and they closed in the late 1970's.

Hartvig Hanson Blacksmith Shop built - 1914.

Rolf Forsman's Blacksmith Shop and Garage. Left to Right: Sture Forsman sitting on running board, Annie Ramgren, Albert Ramgren and Rolf Forsman.

Hartvig Hanson Blacksmith Shop.


Frank Morris Blacksmith shop picture taken in the late 1970's.


The story of the Erickson Consumer's Co-operative Limited begins in the lean and hungry thirties when a group of neighbors in the Westmount district south of Erickson met to study the operation of consumers co­ operatives. Interest was so keen and the group grew so large that it was necessary to hold a joint meeting of Otter Lake and Westmount Districts held in Westmount School June 25, 1938. The outcome was the formation of a committee delegated to raise money by signing up members. A motion moved by Chas Hill, seconded by Wm. McMillian that a joint club be formed and that Carl Nielson be the chairman. Emil Johnson and Nels Peterson were appointed committee to investigate the possibility of taking over one of the now existing stores in the Village of Erickson, also at what price and terms. Ernest Lofgren was the secretary at the meetings. Meetings continued and reports given. A statement given by Nels W. Peterson and Emil Johnson regarding taking over one of the now existing stores in the Village of Erickson were as follows:

Mannie Ramgren $10,000.00
Albert Ramgren $ 6,500.00
Abe Doner $ 5,000.00
Ernest Gusdal $ 1,000.00

with wood for one year. $4,000.00 in stock fixtures $700.00 contents $ 2,000.00

Gustaf Lundman and Tony Holmlund made the motion that a committee be elected to investigate the buying or renting a store or buying a lot on Main Street. The committee was Charlie Hill, Gustaf Lundman, Nelson Peterson, Tony Holmlund, Carl Nielson and Emil L. Johnson.

A meeting of three groups, Westmount, Otter Lake and Danvers was held on January 20, 1939. Peter Warwaruk offered $125.00 loan to the three groups for one month. Moved by Charlie Hill, seconded by Nels W. Peterson that Ted Lee transact the business with Carl Bengtson regarding $125.00 loan. Again in April 29, 1939, the three groups met. Edwin Holmberg gave a statement regarding Carl Bengston's offer on his