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Alberta, on March 13, 1982. He is presently working in Red Deer, Alberta.

Delmar also belonged to the Cubs as a young lad and was active in all school sports, especially Volleyball and Badminton. He kept busy with a trap line in the winter, seeking advice from his Uncle Lome Burkett and Ted Challborn. He belonged to the Militia in Brandon for one year and moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1978. He worked in the carpentry trade and then bought a semi-truck and is presently driving out of Salmon Arm, B.C. Delmar married Sherry Lynn Holmgren, granddaughter of Clifford Anderson's, in Calgary, Alberta, on April 17, 1982. Delmar and Sherry live in Penhold, Alberta.

Cameron is completing his education at the Minnedosa Collegiate and has taken a course in motor mechanics. He is working part time at the Co-op Service Station.

Beryl and Albin built their home on 3rd. Street S. in 1961 and have lived there continuously since.


by Mary and daughter Eva

William "Bill" married Mary Andrykow, November 14, 1914, at Winnipeg. He was born March 11, 1892, in Poland and immigrated to Canada at 14 years of age. Mary was born September 21, 1896, in Poland and at the age of three years, she came with her parents to Canada.

Bill and Mary's first home was at Carman, Manitoba, where he was a Section Forman for the Great Northern Railway. In June, 1929, they purchased N.W. 12-19-19W in the Clear Lake area and continued farming with the help of their two sons Fred and William Jr., who in 1966, took over the farming operation.

Bill and Mary resided on the farm until he passed away February 10, 1978. Mary presently resides at Parkland Home, Erickson.

Their seven children are:

Nettie, born October 23, 1915, attended Clear Lake school and later married Gustaf Hendrickson, son of Peter and Margaret Hendrickson. They had one son, Carl Grant. Gustaf passed away in 1971, and Nettie continued to reside in Keewatin, Ontario.

Eva, born May 1, 1918, attended Clear Lake school and then worked in the area. On October 14, 1939, she married Albin Anderson of the Danvers district. (refer to Anderson, Albin and Eva).

Fred, born November 18, 1919, attended Clear Lake school and chose to farm in the Clear Lake area where he presently resides.

Myrtle, born April 7, 1924, attended school at Onanole and later married Rick Wershler. They have three sons, Lome, Kenneth and Patrick Todd. Myrtle and Rick reside in Winnipeg.

William, born September 14, 1926, attended school at Onanole, farmed until his untimely death in a sawmill accident on June 7, 1968.

Marjorie, born March 8, 1930, attended school at Onanole and later worked at the Royal Bank of Canada, Erickson and Kenora, Ontario. She married Lyle Koett on October 22, 1955, and they reside at Val Caron, Ontario. Their four children are: Gregory Richard,

Shelly Lynn, Kimberley Ann and Leslie Marie.

Nancy, born February 21, 1933, attended school at Onanole, then later worked for the Royal Bank of Canada, Newdale. She married Roger Stalback and have a daughter Debra Ann. Roger passed away in March, 1982. Nancy continues to reside at Sudbury, Ontario.


by Mary Gusdal

I interviewed this remarkable lady one Sunday in September in her cosy home set amidst a stand of stately spruce trees.

When she invited us in we saw a pile of beautiful, colorful quilts which she makes. Although she's in her late 70's she says she can't sit around doing nothing, so her hobby is "Quilt making," which she sells to friends and neighbors. The price just covering the cost of material, very little for her time and labour.

I noticed an old treadle sewing machine was in use.

Eva McAuley, nee Crissler was born on October 20, 1904 in Belcourt, North Dakota, of native parents. She told about her grandfather who had a Red River wagon train which travelled between Winnipeg and the Bot­ tineau N.D. area carrying goods and services between these two points. Because the carts raised so much dust people would say, "Here comes 'Labucan,' " which translated means "Old Smoky". Thus he was known by this nickname.

She attended school in Kansas at the largest Indian school in the U.S.A. She graduated in Domestic Science from high school.

Her parents were nomadic people who travelled freely between Canada and the U.S. and told her the story of being at the Indian Reserve which was situated on the northwest shore of Clear Lake in the early 1900's when there was a terrible snowstorm. The cabin in which they were staying was completely covered by snow. They were forced to live on fish for a week or more.

When Eva graduated from high school in 1927 she found her way from Kansas to find her parents whom she knew were somewhere in the Norland district. Eugene Holme talked to her at the store and took her home with him and later got in touch with her parents. Her father had owned a store outside of Togo, Saskatchewan. He had sold this and journeyed to the Norland district because he had heard the Seneca root was readily available there.

Eva lived with her parents and helped them make a living.

She is proud, and rightly so, of the fact that they never received relief and always made their own living no matter how hard times became.

In 1945 she bought the farm known as The Waterton Place, 6-18-17W. She lives alone on this farm.

She and Mr. McAuley had two children; Bernice, now Mrs. Les Poulton, lives in Winnipeg and has four children, and Harry and wife Alvina have three children and live in Cumberland, B.C.

Her daughter Edith Crissler lives in Swan River. She has eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.