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operated a hardware and furniture business in Victoria. He died several years ago and his wife Winnie resides alone in Victoria.

Ford the youngest of the family was born in Swan Lake, Manitoba. He also moved to Victoria, B.C. and met his wife Hilda there. They have two children; Ford Jr. (Skippy) and Cheryl. Their children are both married and have families. Ford worked for years in Victoria for harbour control, later moved with his wife Hilda to Portland, Oregon and worked at the harbour importing, keeping books etc. until he retired and returned to Victoria. They presently reside near Courtney, B.C.

Mrs. McBratney was an Anglican by Faith and Mr.

McBratney an Orangeman and Mason. They are both buried at the All Saint's cemetery north of Clanwilliam three miles.


by Janice Backlund

John James was born at Kelwood, Manitoba in 1915.

At the age of 16, he moved to Tisdale, Saskatchewan to stay with his grandparents and worked on farms. James then rode a freight train to Toronto to enlist in the Second World War. He joined the Victoria Rifles and was later transferred to the Forestry Corp., serving in Scotland, preparing material for Combat Service. He returned to Saskatchewan, then to Manitoba, working at the Golf Course at Clear Lake.

In 1950, James married Olive Minty of Onanole. They purchased N.W. 24-18-18W in 1955. James and Olive raised livestock, chickens, grain, sold pulpwood, fence posts and Christmas trees. They always had a large garden. After the death of their infant daughter in 1954, they adopted Janice Marlene in the spring of 1956. Janice attended Nedrob and Erickson schools. During the period when Janice attended Nedrob school, she remembers the field days they attended.

In 1970, James and Olive sold the farm to Laura Tiller.

The family moved to B.C. At the present time, James and

Olive, Janice and James McClay.

Olive reside in B.C.

In 1973, Janice returned to Manitoba. She worked at Riding Mountain National Park, later moving to Min­ nedosa and working for Agristeel Limited. This is where she met her future husband Donald Backlund. (refer to Backlund, Eskil and Augusta).


by Joan McInnes

Lachlan was born in 1848, and immigrated from the Township of Ranig, Isle of Tiree, Scotland, when three years of age, with his parents, Neil and Ann Mclntyre McInnes and three brothers and three sisters. During the trip across the ocean an outbreak of smallpox developed and before landing in Canada they were forced to throw their official documents and personal belongings overboard.

A younger brother and sister were born in Victoria County, Ontario. On April 15, 1885, Lachlan married Mary Strachan in her parents' home. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Strachan of Grenville, Ontario. They farmed one hundred acres at Kirkfield, Victoria County, Ontario. During the winter months Lachlan worked in bush camps and in summer, along with eldest son Neil, worked at the lift locks on the Trent Valley Canal.

With the family growing up, he decided to come to Manitoba where his sister Mary and husband Hugh McPherson were. They had left Ontario a few years before and had purchased land in the Clan william district. Lachlan came out in 1905, purchased the E 1/2 of 6-17-18W and then returned to Ontario to make plans to bring out the family. They arrived on April 30, 1907, at Clanwilliam by train and sons Neil and Tom ac­ companied the boxcar containing two teams of horses, one team belonging to his brother, Duncan, who also came out with them with a few belongings, also had three cows, personal belongings, pieces of furniture and a few settlers' effects to work the land. They were fortunate to live in a log house on S.E. 5-17-18W, owned by Matt Gudbranson until the site was cleared and logs hewed to build their home which is still in use on the farm. The father also purchased a quarter section nearby for sons Neil, N.W. 18-17-18W and Duncan, S.W. 8-17-18W.

Lachlan Sr. and Mary were great supporters of the upbuilding of the community. They both were members of Clanwilliam Presbyterian Church and from about 1914 to 1940, when services were held in the Westrnount School; then later back to Clanwilliam when it became the United Church. Mary was an active member of the Ladies' Aid and Missionary Society and Lachlan served on the church boards. He was the first Trustee and Chairman of Westmount School Board in 1911 when it was built.

They celebrated their 50th Anniversary at the home farm on April 15, 1935, with their family, relatives and friends. Mary passed away on February 14, 1940. Lachlan Sr. passed away on August 29, 1942. Both died on the home farm and were interred at the Clanwilliam