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Church. When in 1965 the business was sold, a full line of food products was available.

In 1964 Arthur returned to his profession, teaching in several Manitoba and Alberta schools, spending his summers at his wife's former home at Erickson Viking Valley. In 1973 he retired, being previously employed as a teacher for five years at the Riverdale Hutterite Colony at Gladstone a happy teaching experience which brought him back to the good old country schoolhouse!

After retirement, Arthur and Martha enjoyed two years of extensive travel in North America, also visiting Denmark, homeland of his parents, and enjoyed a tour of the Holy Land before his untimely death in 1975.

Arthur was always busy. With his artistic nature, he created many paintings in oils and watercolors, in­ terpretations of typical Canadian landscapes and scenes. He was never without pencil in hand, delighting his children with his Sunday afternoon cartoon and scenery pictures that he created for them to color. His subtle spontaneous humor was a delight to his family and friends. He wrote much poetry -- both depicting the beauties of nature and some on the humorous side. His love of music encouraged him to compose several songs. He loved to "plunk" on the piano, and sang in the Men's Chorus at Church.

Arthur also had a love of sports, playing hockey and baseball in his younger years. He was a member of the "Muskrat" Hockey Team and the "Old Crocks" Baseball Team at Erickson. During the thirties, Arthur played hockey on the ice of Clear Lake in the same league as the famed Turk Broda. Broda went on to be the "Wayne Gretzky" of that time. When television came along, Arthur owned one of the first sets in Erickson, so enjoyed the sports on T.V., including wrestling which brought Dr. Morley Sirett to the Neilson home on Saturday evenings.

Arthur was baptized and confirmed at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Clanwilliam, then a member of

Martha and Arthur Neilson.

Bethel Lutheran in the Danvers District, and was a member of the Erickson Lutheran Church at the time of his death.

Martha Gusdal was born in 1917, eldest child of Ludwig and Nellie Gusdal of Erickson. She attended Tales and Erickson Schools, and the University of Manitoba for two years in the Home Economics Program. In July of 1940 she married Arthur Neilson in the Bethel Lutheran Church, the family church in which she was baptized and confirmed. She worked alongside her husband for many years in the Neilson business. Later, she returned to studies at Assiniboine College in Brandon, obtaining in 1968 her certificate for Social Welfare. She enjoyed two years teaching at the Riverdale Colony where she and Arthur resided for five years. After her husband's death, Martha became Dean of Women at the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute in Outlook, Saskatchewan for six years, where she was fondly dubbed "Mother Martha." She found this a rewarding and challenging position in line with her lifetime interests.

As always, Martha considers Erickson as home, spending summers at her parental farm home, Viking Valley, and occupies her time with travelling and en­ joying her friends, family, and twelve grandchildren.

The Arthur Neilson Family. Standing: Grant. Marlenne, Patricia. Martha. Brock and Arthur.

Four children were born to Arthur and Martha Neilson:

Elizabeth "Marlenne" Yvonne (see Beatty) was born in 1942. She trained as an R.N. at St. Boniface Hospital, graduating in 1963. In 1965 she married Venton Beatty. They reside on their farm north of Erickson with their four children -- Shaun (1968), Garett (1969), Lynell (1972), and Kristopher (1978).

Arthur Donn "Grant" was born in 1943. Grant is an instrument mechanic. He worked for ten years in B.C., and now resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta with his wife Shirley (Weir) and their four children, Kim, Theresa, Tanya, and Daniel Arthur Grant, named for three generations of Neilsons.