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In 1908, he was married to Annie Sawchuk and they homesteaded N.W. 25-17-17W. They lived there 46 years before retiring to Mountain Road where they spent the next 22 years. They lived to celebrate 66 years of married life.

They had ten children; Elsie, Mrs. Pollischuk, William married Jessie Krutkewich, George married Mae Prawzik, Jessie, Mrs. Repko, John (Glen) 1918-1974 married Dorothy Kasprick, Marie, - Mrs. Miller, Zania, - Mrs. Game, Grace, - Mrs. Levesque and two children who died in infancy. Annie passed away in 1974 and Mike died in 1976.

Bill was born in 1910 on his parents' homestead N. W . 25-17 -17W. He attended the old Lund school after which he worked with his father on the home farm. In 1936, he married Jessie Krutkewich who had grown up in the Mountain Road district. Together they farmed in Clan william Municipality until 1947 when they moved to Mountain Road district where they farmed and still live, though semi-retired.

They were blessed with three daughters; Irene, Mrs.

Capek who lives in Winnipeg, Marion, Mrs. Jim Kolesar of Spring Hill, Manitoba, Carol, Mrs. Gordon Prawzik of Regina.

The Mike Safroniuk Family at Christmas.


The Sande's came to Manitoba in November, 1908, from Nevis, Minnesota with their three children, Ernest, born 1889, Mabel born 1900, and Harold, born 1903. Two more sons, Walter in 1911 and John Jr. "Buster" in 1916, were born here. The family came first to Clan­ william remaining there for a few weeks while John built a small log home on the farm in the Lund School District. They lived there until 1917 when they moved to Bowsman, Man. again settling on a farm. The sons

worked in the Burrows Saw Mill. When Mr. Burrows moved his sawmill business to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, and then to Sinclair Mills in B.C., Ernest and Harold went too.

Ernest married Edna Krog of Clan william and they had four children. In 1971, Ernest's son, Raymond, purchased the B.C. and Yukon Airways, which offers flights "everywhere".

Harold and his wife, Evelyn had three children.

Eventually the two younger sons, Walter and Buster, also went to B.C., worked in sawmills, married and had families. The only daughter, Mabel, (refer to Neilson, Marinus and Mabel) married Marinus Neilson in 1919.

Inga passed away in 1925 and John in 1948.


Roy Wilfred, son of Robert T. and Jane Sanderson, nee Fulton, was born at Clanwilliam in ~1883. Roy married Henny Kristina Persson in June, 1914, at Benito, Manitoba. Henny was the daughter of Katarina and Per Persson. She was born January 27, 1896, baptised, January 31, 1896, at Arnas Vasternorrlands, Sweden.

Roy and Henny farmed in the Arran, Saskatchewan district returning to Manitoba in 1943. They lived with their son, Bob, on SE 17-17-18W in the Westmount District.

In 1964, they celebrated their 50th Wedding An­ niversary with family and friends. Mrs. Frank Johnston, a neighbor, made and decorated a cake for them.

Roy and Henny Sanderson.