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30-17-18W which Bill homesteaded on May 20, 1902 and received the patent on December 10, 1914. They farmed for many years. There were two girls, Esther and Elsie. Bill passed away in 1934. Hanna stayed on the farm and later married Neal Neilson. Hanna has since passed away.


by Tillie Johnson

Stan was born in Fraserwood on August 24, 1908. In 1920, Stan, his parents, Mary (Glowacha) and Steve along with his family, brothers John of Thunder Bay, Pete of Mountain Road, Fred (deceased) and sisters Lena (Wonsul, died in 1973), Helen (Zwarich) of Minnedosa and Ann (Klym) of Minnedosa moved to Mikado, Saskatchewan. Annie, Tillie and Micheal deceased.

In 1922, the family returned to Manitoba to take up residence on 35-17-17W of the Municipality of Clan­ william (where I was born). My Dad (Stan) kept the farm and in 1947 married Jessie Chumola (refer to Chumola ­ Paul and Petrunia).

Stan has many stories to tell of the farm life. In November, 1953, they moved to Minnedosa only to leave many wonderful friends and neighbours and many memories of happy times.

Stan and Jessie along with their family of five children lived in a house where the new Post Office is now.

Their oldest son - Bobby, died accidently in 1959. Daughters: Beatrice (Cookie) married Bob Allen of Brandon and has two children, Robbie and Trina.

Tillie married Wayne Johnson (refer to Johnson ­ Theodore and Annie) of Minnedosa and has three children, Dan, Tom and Marla.

Marjorie married Mervin Nelson and now resides in

Jessie and Stan Semenchuk.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with two children, Brett and Kerrilee.

Son Cornell married Yvonne Hrushowy now resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with two children, Troy and Kristi.

In the fall of 1965, Stan and Jessie moved to Brandon where they are now enjoying retirement.


Harry was born in Lancashire, England, where he met and married his wife Maude Jones.

Harry came to Brandon, Manitoba, in 1911. Later Maude Sharpe joined him there in 1913. She was ac­ companied to Brandon from Manchester by her Mother Elizabeth Jones, her father-in-law, Henry Sharpe, and also four children:

Robert "Bob", born March 11,1898. Ivy, born July 16,1905.

Tom, born January 30, 1908, died on the Normandy Beaches, July 1943.

Mearl Warrener, born November 29,1917, now lives in Brandon.

Her daughter-in-law tells of when Maude Sharpe arrived in Brandon in November. The ground was covered with snow. As she was disembarking from the train she refused to step down into it, and her husband Harry had to carry her to the sleigh that was waiting for them.

They lived in Brandon, until Harry returned from Europe in 1918, then moved to McCreary. They then joined their son Tom in the Hilltop district and later resided with their youngest daughter, living in Scan­ dinavia for 16 years.

Harry and Maude Sharpe.