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Building road with tractor and scraper.

Scandinavia, Norland countries; but also it constituted the main road from Minnedosa through Clan william and up to Hilltop and then running west along which is now Provincial road No. 357 and then joining No. 10 at the present junction. It then carried on through to Erickson and went through the town and followed on up the north boundary of the township at section 32 and following along there to the middle of the section six, where it ran up the centre of the section and crossed the railway tracks on section seven. There it followed what is now No. 10 Highway over to the boundary of the Rural Municipalities of Clanwilliam and Harrison and followed where No. 10 Highway is now on up to Clear Lake. it was really a major journey to go any place in those days particularly, from Erickson or Hilltop to Clear Lake, and especially if they got caught in a rainstorm, because sometimes it would be almost impossible to get back home without being stuck and having to go to a lot of trouble. This really wasn't much different until 1931, when No. 10 Highway was first started, and that of course changed their routing to its present location, or pretty-well to where it is as of today. This was started and carried on up to Erickson and just a little way passed Erickson where it was stopped. There was no work then, until 1932, when then it was made into a makes work deal and Otto Halverson was hired by the Provincial Government from the road gang for them and what they would do. It was a share work deal where a man and a team of horses or pull horses should go work on the road for two weeks and then they would be changed and worked on by someone else. The road was built in that manner that from there all the way up to the corner of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and then following the boundary of Harrison and Clan william and carrying on up into the local government district of Park, where there was another outfit that carried on to Clear Lake. This was actually one of the major changes in the travel pattern of all people in that area, since it gives them a different routing completely. It also opened up the lower part of the municipality which actually had not really had access to and from their areas either north to Erickson or south to Minnedosa, and Brandon. Previous roads were difficult to travel, especially crossing the valley of the Little Saskatchewan River which is now one of the beauty

Albert Ramgren

spots in Manitoba Travel. The initial Highway was a gravel road up until 1939, when it was black-topped. That was the first paving that we had up in this country. This, of course, served us until the Highway was rebuilt in 1960. In the early days or particularily up until the advent of trucks and cars and all weather roads, a great deal of travel or hauling was always reserved for the winter months. This was the time when farmers would haul their grain, particularly if they had any distance to haul it. The grain hauling would be done by sleigh in the winter to either Clanwilliam, Crocus or Erickson, whichever was closer, as far as elevator service was concerned. One of the most intriguing and most travelled portion of winter roads is Otter Lake. That served as a Highway for every winter for all the travel that came out of the Whirlpool, Norland, Scandinavia country and also part of the Hilltop country and into Erickson. The network of roads, all led onto Otter Lake and then carried on into Erickson. One of the roads from Hilltop passed through Andrew Benson's yard and down onto Otter Lake, to the point of the lake and then on through Hofdahl's yard, which is now Wruths, carrying on into the Scandinavia Country, then to drive through Christopherson's yard. These are only a few of the places where people took advantage of driving through people's yards and this seemed to be a matter of privilege that they could do this as it was also true about running north through Erickson. The road would carryon where the Highway is now - through the corner of Ab North's farm and onto section eight through sloughs and marshes, we would call it. The one road would turn to the northwest and carryon through Paulsens. There was a fork that would carryon across the river to the road allowance and go on passed the Danver's Church and from there across Ditch Lake and on up into Whirlpool area. The other one would carry on and go west through Paulsen's and over to O. Lees and continue. The one branch by Ab North's would go to the right and to the northeast. This would come out through what was J. Lee's farm and then from there, it would carryon and through Stones and carryon across the Whirlpool River and up into the eastern Whirlpool district. The town line used to serve as a main Highway for winter travel and winter hauling from the mountain, as they would call it - for wood haulers from even south of Minnedosa. It was not unusual on a