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Louis and Martha Strand.

was employed by the CPR Maintenance Dept. and in 1950 was promoted to Roadmaster. He worked in several towns in Manitoba, moving to Winnipeg in August 1955 and retired from the CPR in 1963. Agnes and Martin celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1980, and are still residing in Winnipeg.

Mabel was born on May 2, 1909. She attended Tales and Erickson schools. She worked on the home farm before going to Brandon in 1928 where she worked as a cashier at the Olympia Cafe. Mabel met and married Milan Thierry on September 10, 1930, with Rev. Duncan of St. Paul's United Church in Brandon officiating. Milan Thierry was born in Montreal and moved west to Glenboro at a young age and to Brandon in 1920. He worked at a flour and feed mill until depression hit in 1932, when they moved to Erickson and later resided on the O.J. Gusdal farm. Milan worked on the Government buildings at Clear Lake for $1.00 a day and board, and later returned to Brandon. He was employed by the CPR as Trainman on the Canadian train at the time of early retirement due to illness. Milan passed away November 23, 1974, and is buried at Brandon Cemetery. They had two children, Marie and Milan Jr.

Marie was born on February 4, 1932, and is married to James Malcolm Muir and they live on a grain farm at Margaret, Man. They have one son, Donald, who is attending Brandon University.

Milan Jr. was born September 18, 1933, and is married to Jackie Harvey. They live at Thunder Bay, Ont., where Milan has his own business in overhead doors. They have three children, daughters Luanne and Jonna, and son Brent.

Mabel is still residing in Brandon at the Maple Leaf Apartments.

Clara was born on January 29, 1913, and passed away November 3,1916.

Clifford was born on January 26, 1917, and attended school at Erickson and farmed along with his father. On September 29, 1940, Clifford married Mary Stechkewich in Bethel Lutheran Church at Danvers. He continued farming until his untimely death from polio on October 4, 1953, at the age of 36. They had two daughters, Myrna Louise and Diane Carol.


Myrna was born on April 16, 1944, and is married to Bert Sundberg and they live at Powell River, B.C. They have three daughters - Anita, Britt and Carla.

Diane was born on April 24, 1949, and is married to Tom Wruth. They live at Erickson and have two sons, Jason and Chad. (refer to Tom Wruth).

Louis Strand married Christine Strand, his sister-in­ law, from Tolley, North Dakota, on May 10, 1936, in Clanwilliam, with Rev. R.G. Thompson officiating. He operated the farm for 44 years, retiring to the Village of Erickson in 1949. He lived there until his death on July 15, 1962, at the age of 88, and is buried at Bethel Cemetery. Christine moved back to the United States near some of her family at Pasco, Washington, where she passed away on November 28, 1974, at the age of 90 and is buried in North Dakota.


by Orville Strand

In 1899, Olai and Elisa Strand were married, and began planning a move to a new land. Their son, Ingvald, was born in 1901, and they left Norway the next year, by ship. The family located in Benson, Minnesota, in 1902. The next year they came to the Erickson area, with two horses as their only livestock. They bought the quarter section that the buildings are located on now, and began to build a barn. The family lived with the Hanson's, who lived near Tales School. When the barn was built, the horses had one side, and the people lived in the other half.

The log house was started the next spring, and Elisa worked for the Hanson's, thus earning their first two cows. The log house was of excellent construction, still visible today. All corner logs were notched in two ways, so that the corner could not move at all. The first clearing of land was started west of the log house, with only horses, axe, and saw. And this saw had no motor, like they do today.

The nearest town was Minnedosa, where they travelled twenty-three miles by horse and wagon. They hauled cordwood and grain there, and brought back the necessities that were needed. One of these necessities was a stump puller, which operated on a winch and cable principle. This was used on the second field they cleared, and was a real improvement. When the kids wanted entertainment, they went out and watched the men pull stumps.

Bertha was born in 1906, and Edith was born in 1914.

This was the entire family, and they were progressing well, and already planning a new house.

The new house was built in 1915, by John Anderson and Anton Krantz. It was much larger and more modern than the log house. By 1919, they had purchased the north quarter of land, which had no land cleared at all.

Olai died in 1921, leaving a widow and family to carry on with the clearing of land, and all the other work of farming, using only horses and small machinery. Ingvald was 21 years old, and used to long hours and hard labour. He often picked his sisters up at Tales School, where they attended. From 1923 to 1925, there was a new teacher,