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Ephriam Webber, born in 1859, and his wife, Mary, born in 1854, left their home in England and made their way to Canada in 1884. With them they brought their two small daughters, Maud and Ann. In England Ephriam had been a horse groomer and his wife a maker of kid gloves. They settled on N.E. 2-17-18W and began a life of farming. To them five more children were born: Beatrice, George, Emily, Elivena and Edith. The children attended Lakelet School. The family later moved to Clanwilliam.

Ephriam passed away in 1941; his wife, Mary, in 1938.

They lie at rest in All Saints Cemetery north of Clan­ william.

Maud, the first child of Ephriam and Mary, was born in 1881 in England. She came to Canada at a young age with her parents. She married Archibald Hunter in August of 1902 and they settled on his farm two miles south of her parents' farm. To them were born five sons and one daughter; John, Hugh, Albert, Frank, Mary and Henry. Maud was a great lover of flowers, which she grew as house plants and in her garden. Maud passed away in 1969, and is buried in All Saints Cemetery. (refer to Archibald Hunter history).

Elizabeth Ann was born in 1883, in England, the second daughter of Ephriam and Mary I and arrived in Canada as a small baby. In 1907 she married Thomas Jury and they raised a family of six; Mary, Bphriam, Edith, Walter, Ernest and Alfred.

Daughter Mary married Thomas Wilkinson in 1929.

They had one son, Mervin, and one daughter, Anne. Mary now makes her home in Brandon.

The second child, Ephriam, married Marguerite Knudson. They have a family of five.

Edith, the third child, married Gordon Arnold and they farmed in the Lake Audy district. They raised a family of four; Anne (Mrs. Morris Ingram), who has a family of three sons, Walter, Harold and Norman. Nellie (Mrs. Paul Hrushowy) who had a family of five; Ken­ neth, Sandra, Lana Mae, Joann and Delmar. Grace (Mrs. Nick Genick) who has a family of five; Ila, Aileen, Alva, Karen and Dale. William, who married Edna Bird; they have three children - Marlene, Lome and Evelyn.

Walter, the fourth child, married Eva Tomes and they had three children; George, Phyllis and Louise.

Ernest married Sadie McMillan. They adopted two children; Keith and Rita.

Alfred married Isabella Storey and they had a family of four; Clara, Frances, Lois and Stanley.

Ann passed away in 1962, and is buried in the United Church Cemetery, north of Clanwilliam.

Beatrice, the third daughter of Ephriam and Mary, married Alfred Larke and, they made their home in North Battleford, Sask. They had two daughters, Mary and Alice.

Walter George was born in 1890, the only son of Ephriam and Mary. He passed away at the age of 19 in 1909. He is buried beside his parents in All Saints Cemetery.

Constance Emily was born in 1892. In 1914, she married Harry Gibbs and they had one daughter, Edith


(Mrs. Stuart Saunders). Edith had one son, Harry, who has passed away, leaving his wife and three daughters.

Edith passed away in 1978. Emily's husband, Harry, passed away in 1944. She later married John Agar and they made their home at Crystal City, then in Winnipeg. Emily passed away in 1977 and is buried in All Saints Cemetery beside her first husband, Harry Gibbs.

Elivena (Winnie) was born in 1896. In November of 1917 she married Harvey Frazer. They had a family of six daughters. Elivena presently resides in the Personal Care Home in Minnedosa. (refer to Harvey Frazer history).

Edith Camelia, born in 1898, was the youngest child of Ephriam and Mary. Edith had a short stay on earth as she passed away in October, 1899. She is buried beside her parents in All Saints Cemetery.

Ephriam Webber Family and Home.


The Weedon family first came to the region as tourists visiting Riding Mountain National Park in 1972. Daniel Weedon was born and raised in Winnipeg whereas Thuraya Weedon was born in Cape Town, South Africa. We moved to the region with our eldest son, Michael, in December of 1976, where Daniel obtained work as a Park Naturalist in Riding Mountain National Park. The first winter was spent in a cabin, but in the spring of 1977, we moved into the vacated Hansen farm. We lived there for five years, before moving to our own property 1/2 mile S.W. from Kerr's Lake.

We moved the old house built in 1938 by Walter Peterson on to our property in July of 1981. Since then we've added on to that house, established a garden, corrals, and a barn.

The Weedon's family grew since moving here. In 1978, Mathew Philip was born and in October 1982, Stephen Daniel was added to our family. Both Philip and Stephen were born in the beautiful little Erickson hospital unit. After having children born in a big city hospital and in a small town hospital, this community can appreciate a beautiful thing in its medical care.

Living here for over seven years now, our fondness for this area is still growing. The combination of a rich wilderness area, with mixed farming interspersed, makes a beautiful home.