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In 1962, Tommy Tompsett transferred to Winnipeg and his position was taken over by Clair Clark who came to Erickson from Rorketon. Clair remained here until the fall of 1968 when he moved to Brandon. Lome Boucher succeeded Clair coming to Erickson from Baldur. He remained here until his retirement in June, 1981 and has made Erickson his permanent home. In the fall of 1981 Milt Kennedy assumed the position coming to Erickson from Pine River.

During this time there have been two assistant district operators stationed at Erickson. The first being Bob Smith who worked with Tommy and Clair until his transfer to Middlechurch as district operator in 1966. Irv Nehring succeeded Bob coming to Erickson from relief work in the east end of the province and is still serving the people in the Village of Erickson and Municipality of Clanwilliam.

Over the course of time there have been a great many changes take place, the most noteworthy being the amalgamation of districts and the forming of work forces working out of a central point. This work was started approximately five years ago. The Erickson districts took over approximately one half of the Elphinstone district and the work force was set up to work out of Minnedosa. This was deemed necessary due to the larger types of poles, equipment and jobs that are being done today. By doing this Manitoba Hydro hopes to be able to keep up with the growing times and maintain a high standard of service.


by Manitoba Water Services Board

Remember the "Good Old Days" when your pantlegs froze with spilled water on your trip home from the town pump, or slipping out to the biffy with the "Eaton Catalogue"?

First surveyed April, 1958, the Lieutenant-Governor­ in-Council, by Order-in-Council, declared the Village of Erickson a declared service area November, 1959. Agreement was signed on November 7, 1961 between The Manitoba Water Supply Board and the Village of Erickson respecting the supply of potoble water (water treatment and underground reservoir).

In the fall of 1961 after much research and hard work the Village council held a vote to supply the Village of Erickson with water and sewer. Members on council

A group down at the old water pump.

Rub a dub, dub, four in a tub, Saturday bath!

were: Jack W. Cutter - Mayer, Joe Lenkewich, Linus W. Miller, Leon Oshust, Walter Townley as Councillors and Harold R. Paulsen as Secretary-Treasurer.

By a narrow margin the vote carried. Agreement signed on March 2, 1962 between The Manitoba Water Supply Board and the Village of Erickson for installation of pumping and auxiliary equipment for the distribution of potoble water.

Work began in the spring of 1962, Quinn Construction was awarded the contract. Haddin, Davis and Brown as Engineers, Terry Monastryski was the resident engineer.

John R. Cutter was hired as the first Town Foreman on September 18, 1962.

Men might well remember back in the fall of 1962 when water splashed out of the taps. Gone were the days of their wives meeting them at the door, after a hard day's work, with two pails - one to fill and one to empty.

In 1963, the Rolling River School Division prepaid the water and sewer frontage on the Collegiate property and the extension was made late in the fall along with the construction of the lift station.

Extensions were made in 1966 to the new development adjacent to the Collegiate property.

Water consumption in Imperial gallons: 1981 - 9,002,000, 1982 - 8,643,000. Source of water - well.

At the present time Marland Furevick is still Water Treatment Plant operator for the Province of Manitoba. On March 14-16th, 1983 Marland attended the Water and Waste seminar held in Winnipeg. On Tuesday evening an Awards Banquet sponsored by the Manitoba Water Service Board was held at the Viscount Court at which time Marland was honoured by being presented with the award as the best Water Treatment Plant operator employed by the Water Board.

Erickson Waterplent.