Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In the springs of 1883, 1884 and 1892 the crops were frozen quite badly in the Oberon area. On April 22, 1889 most of the seeding was done on the W 27-12-15 owned then by Wm. Graham (an uncle of the late Mrs. Wm. Alexander Jr.) now the property of Merle Chisholm and G. Thorn.

Frank May grew the first crops of sunflowers, peas, beans and potatoes in this area. He shipped the first carload of seed potatoes from Oberon in the spring of 1966 to Vauxhall, Alberta.

Findlay White purchased his first gas engine for the threshing outfit in 1919. Sam Thorn and Thos. Martin Sr. bought their first threshing outfits in 1920 - the engines came to Wellwood on a flat car and the threshers to Oberon.

The Murphy (MacKenzie) Ranch was cornprised of nine quarter sections in the southwest corner of Oberon district - E 18-12-15, NW 17-12- 15, Sec. 19-12-15 and W 20-12-15.

In September 1914 while threshing at Thos.

Martins, the feeder of Carmichael''s separator caught fire and was destroyed - the machine was saved but two stacks of wheat burned. In those days, many farmers stacked their sheaves while waiting for a threshing outfit.

Adam McKenzie was the first farmer in Manitoba to purchase 12 eight-foot Deering binders - the deal being transacted through Wm.

Wigmore of Neepawa.

Alex Ross (Ed''s father) and Thomas Owens, two early Oberon settlers, bought a binder which tied the sheaves with wire.

Thos. Bell (on Ken. Martin''s farm) apparently owned the first threshing machine with a straw blower in the late 1890''s.

Edward Ross threshed Bob Hilditch for 16 consecutive years and Eddie Bell for 15 consecutive years. Ed bought his threshing outfit in 1919.

Ernest and Arnold Mack owned the first steel combine in the Oberon district in 1928 - a pull type, drawn by eight horses.

Wm McKinnon (E 9-13-15) was the first big thresher in the Oberon district in the 1890''s. He owned a sawmill at McCreary at that time and used his engine to saw lumber all winter.

Adam McKenzie lost three crops by grubs on W 20-12-15 now Hutterites land) in three consecutive years. Being disgusted with his wormy land, he rented it to the May Bros. (Morgan, Barney, Ken) in 1892. Their crop of wheat was so heavy that they had a great deal of difficulty cutting it.


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