Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Built in 1927 at a cost of $20,005.00 In 1939 a new leg at $600.00 1957-59 new crib annex built with 57,200 bushel capacity 1980 Annex moved to Franklin April 1981 elevator sold to Drayson Brothers.

Elevator Managers 192742 KM. McDougall 194246 c.c. Middleton 194656 J.A McDonald 1956ยท60 W.A. Pierson 196065 L.G. Burgess 196571 Roy Ellingson 1971 72 Wayne D. Gilling 1972 75 Colin J. Wilson 197576 Ronald Lintott Dennis Stewart 197677 George Hoqeland 1977 78 Duncan MacLure 1978 DA Cameron (elevator closed) Secretaries of Mentmore Pool Local 192728 A.J. Grassie 192830 A.M. Graham 193049 N.W. Whelpton 194956 W.F. Sirett 195658 Harold Ishenberg 195864 Wm. G. De''Ath 196466 Harold Hockin 196677 Wm G. De''Ath 1977 80 Edward L. .lames (Committee Dissolved January 29. 1980) The 35,000 bushel Mentmore Elevator and annex were closed in December 1978. Then, in June 1979, Mentmore lost the railway line as the C.N.R. tore up the tracks on the Beulah line.


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