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Brookdale Manitoba History

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Daniel and LilIias Daniel Jardine born in 1851, was one of the sons of William and Elizabeth Jardine. William and Elizabeth Jardine had a family of seven, six boys and one daughter. Their birth order is not known but Daniel''s brothers were named John Robert James, William, and George. His on''e sister: Margaret (Maggie) remained a maiden lady and the family corresponded with her until her death. It is believed that Daniel''s brother James, immigrated to Australia.

Daniel was a corn miller by trade at Kier Mill, Parish of Kier in the county of Dumfries, Scotland.

At the age of 30 he married Lillias Geddes in February 1881 at Ecclefechan and the next day they left Scotland to come to Canada to make their home.

Lillias and Daniel arrived in Winnipeg in late March or early April 1881, after an ocean crossing of six weeks. Some of the family remember them describing Winnipeg as a "mud hole", when they arrived in the spring. They journeyed by train to Portage La Prairie where Daniel purchased a team of oxen, a cow, and their necessary supplies for their journey overland to Birtle where they intended to locate. Their reason for choosing Birtle for their future home has been lost over the years.

From Portage La Prairie they travelled west on the Saskatchewan Trail enroute to Birtle. One night they were preparing to camp at a campsite just north of where Charlie Swanson now lives, a mile and a half east of Brookdale. At that time a Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dodds lived there and they insisted that Daniel and Lillias spend the night with them in their home. A lasting friendship sprang up with the Dodds, and Daniel and Lillias decided to locate close to them. They selected what is now the S.E.

36 12·17 to homestead, four miles west of Brookdale.

Ron has often wondered while picking stones why Daniel would by pass all the good stone free land at Brookdale. Apparently Brookdale was a bog when Daniel first arrived and perhaps the gently rolling land west of Brookdale reminded him of his native Scotland. He made his Homestead Entry in the Dominion Lands Office at Odanah on July 9, 1881 for SE 36-12-17.

Daniel and Lillias lived in a tent and by August 17th, they had some land cultivated. Mrs. Jardine told her family she would run to get away from the awesome mosquitoes that first summer. Mrs.

Jardine went back to either Portage La Prairie or Winnipeg that first winter until a shelter could be built. Mr. Jardine spent that winter in the south bush, south of Douglas, cutting and hauling home logs. The first dwelling was a 12'' x 14'' log house on a knoll north and east of the present buildings. Ron has found the spot and there is a clear view to Brookdale.

Within two seasons Daniel had cultivated and fenced 40 acres and erected a stable and a granary.

The first of their five children a daughter, named Janet (Jennie) arrived in 1882. A son William George (Will) in 1884, Elizabeth (Lizzie) in 1886 and Margaret Jane (Maggie) in 1889. An infant daughter Lillias died at the age of three weeks in 1892. Their living family consisted of three daughters and a son.

When the children became school age they attended Norman School about two and a half miles by road from the Jardine home. The school closed during the winter months at this time. Daniel ploughed a furrow in a straight line across to the school so the children would not get lost in the fog.

Getting an education must not have been easy for the Jardine children with the school closed during the winter and helping at home during the busy summer season.

Title for the homestead was recorded in 1887 and in approximately 1888 a new house of lumber was built. This second home was of similar design to the Norman MacDonald home, just west of the present building site. This house was located kittycorner to the northwest corner of the present house. It was used for years as a bunk house for hired men and then the kitchen was converted into a garage.

The Jardines attended church and Sunday School at the Stone Church (Knox Presbyterian) when it was built in 1892 by the pioneers. This church was only a mile and a half to the west. Janet (Jennie) is recorded as singing in the choir in the year 1900. She also taught Sunday School.

In 1894 Daniel somehow obtained the N 30· 12· 16 from Horace G. Forbes and G.O. Forbes. In 1884 a Francis Hardie Armstrong owned this land and it was transferred to the Forbes in 1886. The same year Daniel obtained it he sold it to the Buit Cau Loan and 1. Co. Ltd., for $2,600. It would appear that Daniel rented this land back for numerous years. This company finally sold this half to a William Drummond and when it reverted back to the company in 1916 Daniel bought it back for the sum of $3,200.

In the same year, 1916 Daniel obtained the N.W. 29 12 16 from the Crown. It had been set aside as a school quarter and had not been used for this purpose. Daniel bought it for his son Will, but it remained in Daniel''s name until his death. Will broke the land on this quarter. When hay was being put up on this quarter the Jardine girls helped build the hay loads. Eldon and Hilda McDonald now reside on this quarter section of land.

Due to his miller''s training Daniel always measured his fields and weighed his grain to insure proper planting.

The lumber for the barn was hauled by Daniel and his 12 year old son from Neepawa by team and wagon in 1896. The barn was completed in 1897.

The first Jardine car was a McLaughlin purchased in 1914.

In 1923 Daniel Jardine purchased two acres from Mr. Nichols for $40. when it was found the buildings were right on the west side of the home quarter.

Janet (Jennie), their eldest daughter married Frank Downey of Moore Park in 1903. They had seven children: Lillias (Powell, 19041985), Andrew (1907 1959), Janet (Jean Swanson), Anne (Dunseith), Margaret (Gash), Florence (Ferg) and Ellen (Nelin).

Elizabeth (Lizzie) married Bert McDonald of Brookdale in 1910. They had four children, Lloyd (19121929), Grace (Cummings, 19141965), Leila (Kinney) and William.

In 1918 William (Will) married Margaret Grasby of the Franklin district.

Margaret (Maggie) married Jack McLean of Moore Park in 1919. They had three children James William and Lillias (Myhr). " Mrs. Jardine died from pernicious anemia March 28, 1916.

Sometime during the 20''s the Jardine''s started to rent the half section directly across the road where Clair Jardine now lives. On May 7, 1925 Daniel Jardine was killed near the slough east of Clair''s buildings. He was 74 years of age and died when he was crushed by the packers. For some reason the horses moved ahead while he was unhitching. It is believed the horses were startled by black birds.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jardine are buried in Madford Cemetery. This is two miles north and a little west of Douglas. Daniel Jardine''s funeral was the last time Brockie Donovan used their black horses and horse drawn hearse. Janet died in 1952 and is buried in Moore Park Cemetery. Elizabeth passed away in 1966 and William in 1940, both are buried in the Brookdale Cemetery. Margaret McLean passed away in 1982 and is buried in Rosewood Memorial Gardens, Brandon.

At the time of his death Daniel Jardine owned a section of land and rented a half section of land.

Imagine the number of horses and hired men that would be required to farm this amount of land.

William and Margaret • 1 Margaret and William Jardine 1918 Will (William) Jardine was the only son of Daniel and Lillias Jardine. He met Margaret Maria Grasby while she was sewing in the Brookdale area.

She was a seamstress by trade and she was employed by different families to come into their homes and prepare their spring and fall wardrobes.

Margaret Maria Grasby was born in 1891 in the Franklin district. She was the second child of William Grasby and Martha Ann Potts who had a family of eight. There were five girls and three boys.

Margaret''s parents were married in Minnedosa.

Both the Grasbys and the Potts came from Ontario and were of English origin.

Will and Margaret were married in Winnipeg in 1918. They went on an extended honeymoon by rail to British Columbia and the state of Washington.

They returned home in the early spring. Margaret came into the Jardine home while Will''s sister Margaret was still at home. Mr. Jardine lived with them until his death in 1925. Mother never had anything but praise for her father-in-law Daniel Jardine. She said he was always so kind to her.

They had a family of six: Clair Daniel was born in 1919, Verna Edith in 1921, Rheta Janet in 1923, Douglas William in 1925.Douglas contacted tuberculosis from a hired man who liked to play with the baby. He died from the disease at the age of 10 months in 1926.

Due to Douglas'' death Will was determined to build a new home to separate the hired men from his family. The present house was built in 1926. The bricks came from Estevan, Sask., and all the lumber from British Columbia. All the floors in the house are %" oak hardwood. The house must have been ultra modern for its day. The sink and bathtub are the original and they are still not that old fashioned.

The family moved into the new home about a month before Ronald George was born in 1926. The hired men were allowed only in the washroom and to eat in the kitchen of the new house.

Helen Margaret completed the Jardine family when she arrived in 1930.

In 1927 Will Jardine sold the N.W. 291216 to O. W. McDonald.

Even though mother had hired girls she was kept very busy raising her family and preparing the large amount of food required to feed the hired men and her family. She made the children''s clothing and attended the chickens. She has told how on some days she never got out of the pantry because she would be so busy baking.

When the family started school they attended Brookdale Consolidated School because Will also owned land in the Municipality of North Cypress.

The first three children had to meet the van at the half mile or mile and a half corner, depending upon the van route. Finally, Mr. Alex Rogers, Bert McDonald, Tom Evans, and Heber Hockin ac companied Mr. Jardine to a school meeting at Forrest, Manitoba, and they were successful in getting the homestead quarter transferred into the Brookdale School District in 1932.

The older Jardine children attended Sunday School at Creeford Presbyterian Church, a mile and a half to the west, until it was closed in 1933. Verna can remember walking to Sunday School. Ron can remember attending for just a short time before it closed.

In 1927 Will purchased his first tractor, a Wallace. In 1928, the first half ton truck for Will was a Model A Ford. The first combine was an Oliver purchased in 1940.

After a lengthly illness William George Jardine (Will) passed away in 1940 at the Neepawa Hospital.

When Will died he owned three quarter sections of land and rented the half across the road. Clair took over the running the farm for his mother. These were war years and it was almost impossible to hire help. Ron quit school to help on the farm.

Verna married Ivan Grant in 1942. See Family History section for their history.

Clair purchased the half (N 25-12-17) across the road in 1942. In 1945 he married Jean Lamont.

See the Family History section for their history.

Ron married Joyce Jolliffe in 1949.

Rheta completed her schooling at Brookdale and attended Wheat City Business College in Brandon. She worked in the office of Frank Lawson''s until her marriage in 1947 to Glenn Rice. Rheta and Glenn make their home in North Delta, British Columbia.

Helen completed her schooling at St. Michael''s Academy in Brandon and then took her business training at Wheat City Business College. She now lives in Brandon.

Her son Raymond Bruce Poole was born in 1955. He married Bonnie Ellis in 1977 and they reside in Neepawa. They have two sons, Mark James arrived in 1982 and Mitchell Ray in 1985.

Helen''s daughter Myrna Leigh was born in 1959.

She married Jim Christie in 1980 and they reside in Rapid City. They have a family of two, Stuart James was born in 1984 and Kalyn Leigh arrived in 1985.

On April 19, 1950 Margaret married Norman Kalbfleish in Red Deer and continued to live there until Norman''s death in 1956. In 1970 she married Jack Davis and they made their home in Fort Qu''Appelle until 1972 when Jack passed away. In the intervals mother made her home in Brandon.

After a very brief illness, mother passed away in 1977.

Ron and Joyce In 1948 Ron''s mother turned over the N 30-12- 16 to him and Ron started farming on his own.

He had previously met Joyce Jolliffe while she was taking her grade 12 at Brookdale School.

After a two year courtship they were married by Rev. Cronin in 1949 at Greenwood United Church Winnipeg. '' This church was demolished in 1980 and a new apartment block has been built on the site.

After a honeymoon to the United States, Ron and Joyce settled down to farming. The plans were that Joyce would teach for a few years at Norman School. However, like most plans, they were changed, and Joyce quit at Christmas time.

Gerry Dawn was born in 1950. Joyce will never forget how proud Ron was the day he carried his first born out of the hospital. Lenore Margaret arrived in 1953.

In 1959, the year of the early snow, James Grant and Janet Gwen arrived. Ron really wanted a son and when the nurse arrived with the news his heart really sank when the reply was negative to the question, "Two boys?" When the reply was also negative to the question, "Two girls?" he breathed a sigh of relief. He finally had his son. This is the same family as the living family of Daniel and Lillias, three girls and a boy.

In 1950 Ron bought the homestead quarter of S.E. 36-12-17 when his mother remarried. Over the years there have been many changes made in the yard. In 1979 Grant started to pull down the old barn completing it in 1980.

In 1969 Ron bought the S.W. 12-13-17 in Odanah, two miles north of the home quarter. In 1970 he rented three quarters at Brookdale. It is interesting to note that this is the same amount of land owned by his grandfather, Daniel Jardine, with only one quarter more rented.

Over the years Ron tried a variety of mixed farming. He tried beef cattle, had a small milk business, raised chickens and pigs. He straight grain farmed from 1975 when he sold the pigs until retirement in 1981.

Ron''s interests over the years have been curling, lodge and golfing. Joyce has been interested in art and sewing. She taught 4-H for five years and has tried to support the church through the U.C.W.

and teaching Sunday School.

Joyce taught school a number of part years at Moore Park and Ingelow, and then returned to teaching full time, four years in Brookdale and four years at Viscount School, Neepawa, from 1967 to 1975.

Gerry received all her education at Brookdale School. Lenore took her high school in Neepawa when that part of the Brookdale School was closed.

Grant and Gwen took their elementary school in Brookdale, but because Joyce was teaching in Neepawa, they took their junior high as well as high school in Neepawa.

All three girls were 4-H members. Lenore and Gerry were 4-H members until the end of gradl'' 12. Gwen quit 4-H when home economics was available in Neepawa. Lenore was active in public speaking in 4-H, and won several awards. She also won the gold watch in her last year of 4-H for this area.

Gerry Dawn took her nurse''s training at St.

Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg. She graduated as an R.N. in January 1971. She worked in the Operating Room and has been Nursing Coordinator of N.F.A and the Operating Room.

On August 14, 1971 Gerry Dawn was united in marriage to Blaine Frederick Boughen by Rev.

Carol Roberts in Brookdale United Church. Blaine is a chemist for the Provincial Government in Environmental Protection. Gerry and Blaine now make their home in Dugald, Manitoba.

Our first grandchild Blake Landon arrived in 1977, followed by Corbin Shane in 1979. Gerry has since returned to full time nursing and is O.R.

Facilities Planner at St. Boniface Hospital.

Lenore was never far from Ron''s side, she enjoyed helping her dad in the fields. She thought she wanted to be a Social Worker and took one year of university and then changed her mind. She managed the Shell Restaurant in Brandon for a year. She decided she wanted to be a nurse and kept house for Craig Stewart and his five children while she waited to be accepted.

Ron Jardine and Family Back row: Lenore, Grant, Gerry, Front row: Blaine, Blake, Ron, Joyce, Corbin and Gwen 1985 Lenore graduated from St. Boniface Hospital as an R.N. in 1976. She was valedictorian for her graduating class. She went north nursing at Churchill and Frobisher Bay. In 1978 she returned to Winnipeg to nurse in the Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology at S1. Boniface Hospital. She is now a wholesale distributing representative for gift ware companies, also does casual work at St. Boniface Hospital in Labour and Delivery, Winnipeg.

Gwen upon graduating from the business course in high school obtained office employment in Winnipeg. Gwen is now the assistant manager in the accounting department at Domtar Packaging, Winnipeg.

Grant rented a quarter section upon graduation and farmed with his dad.

A Jardine Centennial Reunion was held on the lawn of the homestead quarter on July 11, 1981. A plaque was dedicated to the memory of Daniel and Lillias. The Downey, McDonald and McLean branches of the family were present and 145 members sat down to supper. There were 235 people present during the day that ended with a dance in Clair''s implement shed.

In August 1981 Ron suffered a heart attack and in August 1983 he had quadruple by-pass surgery.

Grant took over the farm in 1981.

After spending a number of winters in Mesa, Arizona Ron and Joyce decided to brave the Canadian winters and moved into the Moffatt house in Brookdale in 1984. Ron still enjoys helping out at the farm.

Grant Upon graduation from high school Grant rented a quarter section and farmed with his dad. He spent five winters working in the oil fields in Alberta.

In November 1980 Grant bought the N. 30-12- 16 and took over farming the rest of the farm. He continued to rent the three quarters at Brookdale and has since rented an additional half section of land.

Grant is trying to start a purebred Hereford herd of cattle.

He is the fourth generation Jardine to farm S.E.



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