Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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About 1914 the Grand Trunk Pacific began construction of a spur line from Harte on their main line to Brandon. The purpose may have been to link up with the Great Northern from North Dakota, or with the Canadian Northern. The grade was built, presumably using horses and mules for power.

Bridges were constructed and small culverts placed.

A large trestle was built west of Douglas as an overhead crossing of the Canadian Pacific. All that remained to be done, was to lay the ties and rails.

But the line was never completed. The reason is not definitely known but the Grand Trunk Pacific was said to be having financial troubles and in the early 1920''s, was taken over by the government and combined with the Canadian Northern and other smaller companies to become the Canadian National, which included lines running into Brandon, and the spur line from Harte was unnecessary and was abandoned.

The bridges were sold and the land of the right of way, reverted to the owners of the land through which it passed. The large trestle remained until the late 1920''s or early 30''s and was then dismantled. A saw mill was moved to the site and the huge timbers were sawn into lumber.

Trees and bushes have grown up on the old grade but it can still be plainly seen running through pasture land south of Ingelow. On 21-11-16 it ran from the northeast corner to southwest.


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