Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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I sometimes wonder how drivers of modern cars with roll down windows and other gadgets, would like to contend with the collapsible top and side curtains of cars of yesteryear. For some reason most people drove with the top down. There seemed to be an idea that it was hard on the car or top to have it up.

I remember driving from my home at Oakner to Maryfield, Saskatchewan with my uncle when I was about 10 years old. It took all day to go the 60 miles.

We were lost several times on the unmarked roads.

The car top was folded down neatly and it being a very warm summer''s day by the time we reached our destination, everyone had a very burned complexion.

If a shower of rain seemed imminent when out driving, there was a scurry to get the top up and the side curtains "buttoned" on. The shower was often over before this was accomplished. The curtains were fitted with celluloid windows which in a short time were cracked and broken, letting in rain and cold winds making motoring uncomfortable.

When closed in cars made their appearance in the 1920''s everyone predicted that windows would soon be broken and that the top would not last long.

Mr. Alex Smith of the Ingelow district, had one of the first closed in sedans in that area and I can remember the novelty it created.


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