Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Local trails differed from major trails in that they were only one set of ruts wide.

The Carberry Trail was one such local trail. It was used from 1881-1883 to haul supplies from the rail head at Carberry to the north, until the railway reached Neepawa. It passed through four sections of our area near the northeastern boundary. It entered our area at the southwest corner of S.W.

1-13-15 land now owned by R. Walker. It continued north through N.W. 1-13-15 (S. Speiss), W 12-13-15 (L. May) and W 13-13-15 (J. Dinwoodie). It then angled across section 24-13-15 (Government Pasture) and out of our area at the northeast corner of that section.

Many in this area have always believed there was a fingerboard and a branch in the Saskatchewan Trail at Lila Stewart''s corner. It was believed that this trail went south down into the Brandon-Souris area. I was unable to find such a trail and I enlisted the aid of Tim Ross of the Map Collection, Provincial Archives. He was unable to locate such a trail and he in turn inquired to his counterpart at the National Map Collection, Public Archives of Canada and no evidence of the existence of such a trail could be found. Therefore, I can only assume ifsuch a trail existed it had to be a local trail perhaps used once Brandon came into existence in 1882.

As the land became settled and broken these trails started to follow the road allowances between the sections.


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