Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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A snowplow club was organized in the middle 50''s. Melvin Doncaster drove the snowplow until his death. Orville Hume and Ken McKee took over for awhile.

Northwest Snowplow Club. He was paid just $7 an hour for tractor and operator. Membership in the club at that time was $10 with a $2 charge for lanes. Any extra plowing that was done, such as plowing out granaries or extra roads, Roland was free to do and charge as he wished with the snowplow club getting $3 an hour for the snowplow.

The Municipality of North Cypress contributed $150 a year for the plowing of roads. Langford Municipality also contributed.

The snowplow they used was a Morris. Ned Bonnett went to Yorkton to get it.

The Northwest Snowplow Club was eventually split due to too much plowing for one tractor.

Another club was formed southwest of Brookdale.

It operated on the same principle. Some of the drivers in the southwest were Henry Slezak, Ken Fraser, John Yakiwchuk and Donald Simpson. This club was dissolved in the mid 70''s.

Stewart McDonald drove the snowplow for awhile and Ed Redlin was the last one to have the snowplow on his tractor.

In 1978 the books were closed on the Snowplow Club with the money left in the bank divided between the Drop-In Centre and the Community Club.


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