Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Winter storms still made travel difficult at times after the war. The snowplows could not always open the roads. Snowplanes and bomadiers were used, they travelled on tracks over deep snow and drifts.

Clinton and Horace Bee built their own snowplane. Gus Swanson purchased his bomadier in 1953 and used it as a winter school van for many years. These vehicles were also used to transport the sick to hospital, and to take groups of people to the hockey games.

Since our local railway branch line ended trucks and semi-trailers haul freight in and produce out of our area. The area that used to have five grain elevators now has none. We do have a good hard surface road, Highway 353, connecting to Highways 5 and 10. We have provincial gravelled roads Highways 464 and 465. We are fortunate to live in municipalities with well maintained gravel municipal roads.

Today people are travelling by bicycle, motorcycle, and trail bikes in the summer. Skidoos are used for winter travel.

The aeroplane has been a boon to transportation like the railroads and the cars. McGill Field at Brandon has daily flights to Calgary and Toronto.

Large planes today carry from 500-700 passengers and cargo, flying in hours to all parts of the world. A hundred years ago the same trip took weeks and months. Our transportation system has come a long way in the past 150 years.

Today, January 26, 1986 a dark cloud of sadness came over all parts of the world. Just minutes after the Shuttle Challenger was released for another flight into space it blew up. The seven astronauts died. This is the worst accident to date in the history of space travel.

~ ~ ~ In the spring of 1938, dad bought a new Ford half ton truck for the sum of $800. How proud we were and how much we enjoyed our new means of transportation.

~ ~ ~ My dad helped out families, if a new addition was expected, and they had no means of transportation.

He would take the mother to the Brandon General Hospital. On occasion he could meet the Monday morning train at 7 a.m. to take the teachers to Brookdale School, who had gone home for the weekend. The teachers would board the train at North Brandon.

~ ~ ~ I remember dad taking cans of cream to meet the 7 a.m. train to Winnipeg. Mother would write out an order to Eatons, Dad would give it to the conductor. The cheque for the cream, and the order from Eatons would be on the 9:30 p.m. train, that same day - and we think we have progress today! ~ ~ ~ I have heard my mother say that dad, herself and friends would ride the jigger to dances at Justice, Man. and return same way - I wonder if C.N.R. ever found out.

~ ~ ~


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