Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Prior to the formation of the village of Brookdale the first post office in the Brookdale area was opened on December 1,1882, in the home of John Mitchell on section N.W. 10-12-16. This land is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lepp.

John Mitchell is credited with naming the village, after a brook that flows from the west down into a broad vale or plain to the east. '' On March 1, 1886, the post office was moved to the home of Charles Gowan on S.E. 22-12-16, which is now owned by Ronald Jones, and it remained there until Brookdale town came into being in 1902.

It wasn''t until 1902, during the postmanship of Wellington Moore, that Brookdale was surveyed.

For a number of years the post office, operated by Alfred Curtis 1920-1944, and the telephone switchboard were in the same building, which later became a grocery store. Sometime after a cafe was opened in a building next to the post office building, and the post office was then moved to it and operated by Gordon Owen 1952-1955, and''later carried on by Mrs. Beatrice Fox 1955-1965. On October 1, 1965, Mrs. Lila Stewart became postmistress, and moved the post office to her home on the corner of Railway Ave. and Dennis St.

Lila Stewart and Winnie North Upon Lila''s retirement on June 15, 1978, Winnie North became the postmistress, and operated the post office from her home on the corner of Agate St.

and McNaughton Ave. until 1986 when Joyce Fraser took over as postmistress.

In June 1970, after the closing of the Harte, Ingelow and Oberon post offices, a rural route was established to serve the customers of those places.

John Slezak, an Ingelow resident was the courier the first year. Since his resignation in 1971, Mrs.

Joyce Fraser has been courier.

On December 1, 1982, Brookdale post office commemorated its 100 years of service, by holding an open house at the post office. Those representing the Canada Post Corporation were, John Blenkiron, public relations officer, Al Perehuda, zone postmaster, and Bob Drysdale, representing the Municipality of North Cypress. The centennial cake, supplied by Canada Post Corporation was cut by postmistress Winnie North and past postmistress Lila Stewart. Over 50 friends and neighbors enjoyed the cake and coffee, as well as reminisced about old times.


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