Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Glendale Post office was established in the home of W.F. Sirett on SE 5·14·16 on October 1, 1882 with the mail being carried by stage coach from Douglas.

In the March 25, 1898 issue of The Register (Neepawa) it was stated that mail arrived from east (via Carberry) Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mail for Glendale left Monday and Friday noon. After Sirett''s resignation in early 1885, his neighbor, James Molland, on Sec 33·13·16 was appointed the postmaster.

The early postmasters were: W.F. Sirett (1882· 1885), James Molland (1885·1894), Weldon Walker (1894·1903), W.E Sirett (1903·1923), EA. Sirett (1924 till its closure on February 29, 1928).

After that the mail was delivered from Franklin on Tuesday and Friday with Rural Route Number 2 set up in the Glendale area. The mail delivery men were Ed Wiley (1928-1935), Russell Gee (1935-1946), BillStewart and Alex Montgomery (1946 till the abandonment of rural route in the late 1940''s).

The National Postal Museum of Ottawa supplied the names and dates of the postmasters by means of photocopies of their records.

Mentmore Post Office was set up in a newly built store owned by Ed Reger on the SW 26-13·16on May 1, 1927 with the owner as the postmaster.

Postmasters serving were: Edgar Fleger (1927·29), Percy Drayson (1930), Ken McDougall (1930·43), Edith CAUSE OF VACANCY Dunsmore (1943·45), Thos Hockin (1945), Arthur Benge (1945·46), John Johannesson (1946·47), Gerald Reilly (1947·48), Conrad Anderson (1948·51), Ken Wahoski on NE27·13·16 (1951·60), Mervin Drayson on NE 34·13·16 (1960 till its permanent closure on December 12, 1966 due to its limited usefulness).

The mail came daily by train from 1927 to the late 1950''s. After that time, the postmaster had to pick up the mail in Neepawa twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday.


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