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Brookdale Manitoba History

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The first Oberon post office was established on the James McKinnon homestead NE 3·13·15 on July 1, 1880 with the stagecoach delivering the mail on its trips between Carberry and Neepawa. James McKinnon was the first postmaster.

On March 11, 1897 the news in the Register read as follows: "Stages to Carberry and Dauphin are making slow progress on the heavy roads." Later the April 8, 1897 issue stated: "Carberry stage due last Wednesday, March 31, did not reach here until Friday evening. The driver, however, walked in Thursday from Oberon and secured a team with which to bring in the mail truck 12 miles south". The mail arrived in Neepawa from the east (via Carberry) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - mail for Glendale leaves Monday and Friday noons.

The early postmasters were: James McKinnon (July 1880-Mar. 1894), William McKinnon (April 1894- March 1899), Joseph Murray (April 1899-May 1900), Jack McKinnon (June 1900-December 1901), Mary A.

McKinnon (January 1902-August 1903).

In 1902 the CP. Railroad reached Madenzieville (later called Oberon) - a village built up by Adam McKenzie. On August 21, 1903 the Oberon post office was moved to the village on Sec. 29-12-15. In 1905 the name of the village was changed to Oberon, this being formerly used for mail delivery in the earlier days.

George B. Johnston from Edrans was the first merchant in the newly constructed store where the post office was set up. From that time on, the postmasters were: G.B. Johnston (September 1903- March 1904), E. Downton (April 1904-February 1906), C.E. Maguire (March 1906-June 1908),James McDonald (July 1908-April 1912), Geo. J. Brown (May 1912- September 1918), Jas. M. Olstead (October 1918- August 1920), Frank Radcliffe (September 1920-May 1929), W.S. Byram (June 1929-February 1947), Geo.

Hall& sons (March 1947-May 1947),Jas. L. Carmichael (May 1947-June 1970).

These names were obtained from the National Postal Museum in Ottawa. The dates may not be exact as the officejust recorded the date of appointments, not accurate dates of transfers from one postmaster to another.

In 1958 the trains ceased to carry the mail, and once more it was brought two or three times a week by delivery. Shortly after the mail service improved and mail deliveries were made daily. Walter Trundle, formerly of Brookdale, drove the mail truck from Carberry for a number of years. When the store closed in 1970 the rural mail routes were set up and mail from Brookdale P.O. was delivered to the mail boxes at Oberon and along the roadsides three times a week.

Mrs. Joyce Fraser has been the mailman since 1971.


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