Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Odd Fellows Lodge was started in 1909 at Brookdale. The name of the lodge was Central No.

66. The lodge was instituted by Brother James Duncan at the Initiation Ceremonies on March 31, 1909. A special train came out from Brandon.

Those present were: J. Duncan, Grand Master, A.W. Shaw, Grand Warden, and H.B. Rose. A team from Brandon City Lodge No.6 and visitors from Rapid City and Minnedosa were also present.

There were 13 charter members and 15 candidates.

The 13 charter members were: W.T. Watson, F.

May, F. Horton, G.A. May, W. Davidson, J.

McNevins, RP. Fraser, c.u Cameron, A.E. Millen, J.W. May, F.e. Middleton, and Thos. J. Evans. The medical examiner for the village was Dr. R.B.C.


Lodge was held in one of the upper school rooms known as the hall until they constructed their own building adjacent to the school grounds in 1915-16. This hall was also used for a good many social activities through the years, dances, card parties and Christmas concerts. Mr. H.L. Simpson was named District Deputy Grand Master of the lodge in 1930-31. The lodge continued until 1943 when dwindling numbers forced it to amalgamate with Brandon City Lodge No.6. Officers at the time of closing were: Noble Grand Brother W.P. Chudley, Vice Grand C.W. Watson, Rec. Sec. A.W. Moffatt, Fin. Sec. S.A. Moffatt, and Treasurer William Dickson.

Because the hall was not being used it was sold to Frank May who had it converted into suites.

When it was no longer needed for living accommodations Frank May had it moved to his farm where it is still in use as a shop.


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