Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Centennial Rebekah Lodge Number 61 was instituted July 11, 1920 in Brookdale. Charter members were: Mrs. Irene Watson, Mrs. Ella Cariss, Miss Minnie Wilson, Mrs. Isabel Goodwin, Miss Eva Kinney, Brother B.P. Goodwin, Brother J.F. Jones, Brother O.R. Watson. All were former members of Anemone Rebekah Lodge Number 23, Neepawa. They had a total of 18 sisters and 13 brothers on their membership roster the first year.

Miss Eva Kinney was the first secretary and Mary Woods was the first Noble Grand.

Some of the other ladies who were members were Mrs. Bine Boles, Charlotte Boles, Mary Renwick (McLeod), Lizzie Ames, Mrs. J. Hamilton, Mary Chisholm, Hazel Chisholm (R.T.). Eva Jewel (Kinney) had a Past Grand Jewel and Mrs. Isabel Goodwin had one as well. They surrendered their charter on December 31, 1936.

Through these years the LO.O.F. and Rebekahs sponsored several forms of entertainment for the community. Brookdale and Carberry Lodges would combine for picnics in the hills near Summerville, the highlight was the five gallon bucket of ice cream the lodges provided. Then in the winter there would be the at "home" card parties and dances in the LO.O.F. hall which had a very fine floor for dancing.


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