Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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I have been unable to locate any minute books or membership records, so I have been unable to find out very much about the Forester Organization at Brookdale.

There was an Independent Order of Foresters at Brookdale in the early 1900''s. The seal number 4521, ballot box and gavel have been located, but I have been unable to get any information from the Head Office of the Independent Order of Foresters, Don Mills, Ontario.

The date 1903was found among some Foresters material and in one of the former Brookdale history books, it is stated: "In the spring of 1908 a dance was sponsored by the Foresters in the Brookdale Union School Hall. Dancing from 8:30 - 4 a.m.

Music was supplied by Miss McLean of Creeford and Messrs. McLean, Hughes and Hunter.

Refreshments were served by Seymour and Hyde." It is believed that they held their meetings in one of the upper rooms of the old school, which was burned in 1923.

I have been unable to find when the Foresters Organization was formed at Brookdale, or when it closed.


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