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Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Fox Memorial Hospital Aid Society (later named Fox Memorial Health Auxiliary) was formed on June 28,1948 to promote a new hospital building program. The hospital was opened in February 1949.There are 11 surrounding districts and each district has its own representative who is supposed to attend meetings held in Carberry once a month.

At first there was a membership fee for each person and every year a canvass was made. However, the membership fees were dropped in the early 1970''s, and now, anyone who wants to help may do so.

Each district provides financial aid and help - especially at the Carberry fairs when the ladies assist in serving the meals, donating baking and giving donations of money.

Some of the Oberon representatives were: Hazel Mikkelsen (1948-49), Marj Mikkelsen (1950- 51), Ruth McKenzie (1952-53),Gladys Thorn (1954- 55), Muriel Thorn (1956-57),Laura Watts (1958-59), Margaret Alexander (1960-61), Hazel Mikkelsen (1962-64), Anne Oliver (1965-66), Addie Ramsay (1967-68), Sharon Oliver (1969-70), and Jean Mack (1971-86).

The Oberon ladies raised money by having dessert teas, bake sales, raffles, pot luck suppers, etc. In the last few years, Brookdale, Oberon and Ingelow have had joint efforts in raising money by means of chicken and pork barbecues. The ladies had rag drives and in 1958 sold bottles of vanilla.

The F.M.H.A. has done a fine job in supplying the hospital with furniture, drapes, linens, laundry equipment, kitchen necessities, etc. besides all those special machines such as heart machines, incubators, air conditioners, Hi-Lo beds, and many others too numerous to mention.


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