Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In 1948 the Fox Memorial Hospital was built.

Also in 1948 the Hospital Auxiliary was started.

Brookdale was one of the local areas to begin striving to help get the much needed things a hospital required, so the first group was formed headed by Mrs. A. Chisholm. They did a lot of sewing, making sheets and garments for use in the hospital. They also helped at the fair in Carberry with proceeds going towards the hospital.

In 1954Myrtle Bradley took over the reins and continued to work hard to keep up Brookdale''s share. In 1958 Mrs. E. McLeod stepped into the leader''s position. By this time they were helping to organize Red Cross Blood Donors Clinics as wellas their other tasks.

In 1962, Mrs. Rex Carter was elected leader.

They were busy helping at the Carberry Fair as well as supplying food.

In 1964 Mrs. Don Fraser took over the leadership, she had teas, bake sales and of course looked after helping at the fair. Her term as leader lasted for 10 years.

In 1974 she decided to quit and Mrs. F.

Harburn took over from her. Food and help for serving at the fair continued for a year or so. When it became difficult to get help for this purpose Oberon, Brookdale and Ingelow groups decided to unite and hold fall fowl suppers. These turned out very well but without proper accommodation it was quite difficult to cope. Then chicken barbecues were tried. These were held in the rink. They were very successful for a few years; then it was changed to pork barbecues. After two or three years of this it was decided to try Christmas bake sales. This has worked out quite well.


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