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Brookdale Manitoba History

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Information taken from the minute book and membership register.

The decision to form a local was made at a meeting in the Ingelow Hall on November 11, 1952.

The guest speakers were Mr. Canart of Elkhorn and Mr. McIntosh of Wellwood. At this meeting Mrs. Ford was elected secretary-treasurer and Frank Hunter provisional president. On December 4, the following slate of officers were elected: president - Frank Hunter; vice-president - Richard McBeth; education director - Rex Carter; organizational director - Ken Doak. Meetings were to be held on the third Monday of each month.

Members as per register in 1952 were: Mr. and Mrs.

Rex Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Doak, Mr. and Mrs.

J. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter, Mr. Geo. Hume, Mrs. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. R. McBeth, P. Mc Quarrie, Mr. and Mrs. RA Muirhead, Mr. and Mrs. Roy North, Mr. Wilfred Redding.

On February 13, 1953 the local sponsored a box social in the Ingelow Hall. On February 16, the guest speaker was Mr. AE. Burch, M.L.A The topic was Power and Freight Rates. On April 21, the guest speakers were Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh. The former spoke on the Wheat Agreement and the latter reported on a Farmer''s Union meeting she attended in Ottawa. On April 24, a whist drive and dance was held, the proceeds were $19, and the expenses were $14.

At the annual meeting on November 13, 1953 a decision was made to transfer membership to Brookdale if a new local could be formed. The first meeting of Brookdale Local No. 345 was held on December 16, 1953. Additional members were: Mr.

and Mrs. B.E. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. D. Flannigan, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Gordon, Mr. Cliff Hoey, Mr.

and Mrs. Norman Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hooke, Mr. and Mrs. R. Jardine, Mr. and Mrs. C. Jardine, Mr. James McKeand, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vinthers, and Mr. and Mrs. Lou Vinthers. The slate of officers were: secretary-treasurer - Roy North; president - Ron Jardine; vice-president - Frank Hunter.

The following directors were elected, positions to be decided at the next meeting of the executive board: Ben Dennis, Rex Carter, arlo North, Jean Hunter, Lou Vinthers, Bill Gordon, Minnie Carter.

An executive meeting at Roy North''s home was held on January 12, 1954. Directors were elected to the following positions: Bill Gordon - organizational; Rex Carter - educational; Ben Dennis - legislative; Lou Vinthers - recreational; Minnie Carter - women''s leader; arlo North - junior leader; Jean Hunter - publicity. On January 18, Mrs. Mary McIntosh was the guest speaker. The topic was The Setting Up ofMarketing Boards. There was a discussion of Marketing Boards on March 31 and AW. Moffatt, Director of M.P.E. reported that the M.F.AC. had dropped the Hog Producers Marketing Plan. Meetings were changed to the third Wednesday of the month. On April 21, 1954 Minnie Carter reported on the Farm Women''s Week.

James Patterson, vice-president of M.F.U. spoke on the Manitoba Livestock Conference. The delegates elected to the district convention in Brandon, June 17, were Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter and R North. On October 1, executive meeting at Lou Vinthers'' home decided a membership canvass was necessary. A general meeting on October 4, reported on the membership canvass. O.E. Dennis was elected canvass chairman. A social evening was planned for November 19.

November 24, 1954: Slate of Officers: Mrs. J.

Ford - secretary-treasurer; O. Dennis - president.

This is the last meeting recorded in the minute book. Additional members ''54-55 were Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Anderson, Mr. arul Mrs. W. Common, Mr. and Mrs. Bilkoski, Mr. RG. Beanes (Rivers), Mr. D.R. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. AC. Fraser and Kenneth, O.E. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. D. Dobbie, Mr. and Mrs. O. Hume, Mr. and Mrs. W.R.

Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. W. Lawrence and Clifford Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Ryder: Mr. and Mrs. R. Taylor and Glen, Mr. and Mrs. R.

Urfer, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Vinthers.


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