Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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TransCanada Pipelines is a Canadian Energy Company which owns and operates one of the world''s longest Natural Gas and Transmission Systems stretching some 4,500 Km (2,800 miles) from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border to Montreal.

The system is actually a network of some 10,602 Km (6,600 miles) of pipeline.

In the Brookdale District which lies within the Rural Municipality of North Cypress, TransCanada Pipelines operates five (5) lines as follows: Line 1 - 34" diameter installed in 1957, Line 2 - 34" diameter installed in 1963, Line 3- 36" diameter installed in 1969, Line 4 - 42" diameter installed in 1972, and Line 5 - 48" diameter installed in 1981. The five (5) lines in this district cross approximately 20 landowners, entering the district through section 30-12-16 WPM, and running in an easterly direction.

There is a valve enclosure on the southwest corner of N 30-12-16. There are five sets of valves in this enclosure used to control or reroute the flow.

The second pipe laid was a smaller pipe owned by a different company. The valve for this pipe is across the road from the valve enclosure on S.E.


TransCanada Pipelines transports its Natural Gas, and that of various other parties, from Alberta and Saskatchewan producers to utilities in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the United States. These utility companies distribute the gas to millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers.


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