Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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There were both a Junior and a Senior Seed Club at Brookdale at one time. These clubs were sponsored by the Manitoba Pool Elevator.

In the Junior Seed Club, a former member recalls, the seed came out in small packages.

Fertilizer was also sent with the seed. Each member was given several packages of different varieties. It was to be sown in rows. Officials came twice during the year to judge the plot for weeds, care, and general appearance.

In the fall the grain was to be cut by hand, each variety to be put into a small sheaf, and sent in to head office of Manitoba Pool Elevators with the member''s name, dates, name of grain, and fertilizer used, etc.

There were money prizes for the best grain sample.

Cliff Kinney and His Seed Plot The Senior Crop Improvement Seed Club members were each given enough grain of one variety, to sow two acres. It was distributed through the Pool Elevator. This plot had to be worked around, hand weeded, "off type" heads picked, etc.

It was threshed, then cleaned, polished, bagged and about three pounds of grain sent in to head office to be scored. In this way farmers were able to start new varieties of the different grains.

The top member from each of the seven Director Districts were chosen for a four day trip to the Lakehead. Mr. J. Watson, fieldman for Pool Elevators, escorted them on this trip to Fort William. There they stayed in a suite in a big hotel and were shown the elevators and other sights of the city.

Some of the members of this Senior Seed Club were Wallace Moffatt, Frank May, Arthur May, Cliff Kinney, Bill McDonald, Tom Craig, Alex Rogers, Alex Fraser and Frank Hunter. At least two Brookdale Senior Club members were chosen, different years, for this tour. They were Wallace Moffatt and Frank May. Frank May recalls that he placed second twice, then on the recommendation of Roy Charles, he improved his "plot" and won the right to go to Fort William.


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