Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Mentmore 4-H Beef Club was organized in October 1963 with 26 members. Bob Hockin was the first president, and Douglas Kinney secretary.

Ken Hockin was the first leader and served 1963- 1965, then Alvin Hart was elected leader and served 1965-1975. Jack Hart, former member, was then elected leader.

Mentmore club membership rose to a high of 30 members. For many years Mentmore was the largest beef club in the area. Due to its size and the good calves it showed, Mentmore won many club competitions and showed several Grand Champion calves.

The club held regular meetings with public speaking always on the agenda. Mrs. Irma Sirett acted as instructor in this field. She was followed by Mrs. Beulah Davidson and Glen Cummings. By this time the club members were getting older and appointed their own members to judge the speeches.

These members were very often more critical than the instructors had been.

Over the years the club had many projects to raise money and had many good times at the picnics, bonspiels, etc.

The annual Achievement Day was always held at the Roy Hockin farm. There was always a ball game first, with Roy Hockin as umpire. He always favored the smaller members, creating a lot of unforgettable fun.

The Mentmore club went on for inter-club competition in Neepawa, where their members often won the judging competitions, showmanship awards and many of their calves won Grand Championships. Gold watch award winners in the Mentmore Club over the years were Bruce Bremner, Kelvin Robertson, Beverley Whelpton and Judy Hart.

Some of the members were chosen to take part in the calf scramble at the Brandon Winter Fair.

In 1977, the Mentmore club, too short of members, was forced to join the Neepawa Beef Club who were floundering for the same reason.


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