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Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Ingelow Nifty Niners 4-H Club was organized in the fall of 1958 under the leadership of Mrs. Isabel Pickup with Mrs. Betty Clements as assistant leader. We started with nine members; that is how we chose our name, ''Nifty Niners''. Our club existed for 16 years, and during those years we had 36 girls take the various sewing units.

Our leaders during those years were: Mrs.

Rose North, Mrs. Mayme Doak, Mrs. Gladys Simpson, Mrs. Ruth Slezak, and Mrs. Winnie Brandon, who always lent a helping hand when needed. As we did not have a school or hall in which to hold meetings, each week we went to a different member''s home. The parents made us most welcome because their daughters were learning a skill which they would be able to put to good use when they became homemakers in future years.

To help the club with funds we raffled off a Christmas hamper every year. This proved to be a very successful effort. .

Mrs. Pickup was awarded the trip to Minneapolis State Fair in 1959. Mrs. Betty Clements won the ''Know Manitoba Better'' trip in 1966.

We won the Grand Championship prize at the Red River Ex., in Winnipeg with our display, "Good Grooming". The following year, 1968, we received the Reserve Championship at the Brandon Summer Fair, and also placed first at Carberry Fair and Portage la Prairie Fair with the same display; so our girls were proud of their efforts.

Lynn Clements won the trip to Prince Edward Island in 1966, as a Centennial Traveller. Daye Doak was also the Queen of Portage Fair one year.

We won first place twice at Portage Fair for marching, and also for uniforms and banner. The girls attended Brandon, Carberry and Portage la Prairie Fairs every year. Some of our girls placed as the runners-up in the Queen and Princess events.

They did very well, too, with their demonstrations, public speaking and scrap books.

We attended the 4-HAwards Night, which was held either at Carberry or MacGregor every year.

Some members also received a dress length of material at Portage Fair which had to be made up and modeled the following year at Portage.

There were trips to camps awarded each year and public speaking contests. Our junior leaders were very busy girls.

We were a very active club during the 16years, and all of us have some very happy memories from these years.

One year a blizzard started during our Achievement evening. When we came out to go home, the cars were all snowed in and couldn''t move, although some parents did manage to get home. Those who couldn''t were taken into nearby homes for the night. Our Achievement Day which was always held in Ingelow United Church, led to a lot of excitement among the members. The biggest event of the evening was the announcement of who had won the camp award. On their return from camp, we had the girls tell about their camp award trip. Each year we asked the mother of one of the girls to give remarks about 4-H work. These remarks were part of the evening''s program on the Achievement Day.

The club entered a float in Carberry''s 75th Anniversary parade. We went around to the different homes during Centennial Year in 1967,and planted a tree, and we painted the inside of our local hall as a community project.

After all the years of activity we finally closed the club in 1974 because our membership was too small to carryon.

Mrs. Isabel Pickup served our club for 15years as a leader, and in addition, three years at a Youth Farm Club at Solsgirth. Mrs. Betty Clements served as a leader for 17 years, one of those years being spent with the Brookdale 4-H Club.

Following, is a list of our club members, who today are spread far and wide in this country and overseas.

Members from 1959 to 1974: Lynn Clements Charol Lawrence Karen Gillespie Anne Lawrence Barbara Marks Diane Moorehead Irene Urfer Sharon Fitzsimmons Daye Doak Phyllis Drysdale Wendy White Marlene Smart Tammy Slezak Karen Drysdale Sandra Cuffe Gwen Drysdale Ruth Driedger Dawn Loree Barbara North Brenda Muirhead Jean-Marie McQuarrie Gaye Mitchell Pat Drysdale Pat Fraser Lynne Brandon Linda Redding Merle Boles Gaye Jones Donalda Harburn Florence Smart Margo Fraser Marion Driedger Shirley Pankratz Karen Mitchell Evelyn Loewen Barbara Anchuk Elaine Loewen


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