Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Neepawa Silver Spurs organized in 1975. The head leader was Janice Sumner, President Kathy Jakubowski, Vice-President Shaunda Drader, Secretary Toni Stoddart, Treasurer Carolyn McLeod, News Reporter Holly Pierce. There were 18 members and over the years approximately 70 members have come and gone. Three members Carolyn McLeod, Lori Hall and Patsy Drader were the only ones to complete all four units.

In 1982, future 4-Her''s joined the club. Over the 11 years there have been only two Head Leaders: Janice Sumner and Carole Drader.

Club members have taken part in many awards and trips: Kathy Jakubowski, Carolyn McLeod, Lori Hall, Cindy Kolesar have been awarded the gold watch. Shaunda Drader, Patsy Drader, Karen Aitken, Mandy Sumner, Rodney Drader, Theresa Wilkinson, Dee Dee Drader all attended 4-H camp.

Patsy Drader, Lori Hall, Shaunda Drader, Carolyn McLeod, Sheila Tanner, Trevor McLeod, Dee Dee Drader Juanita Aitken and Candace Jakubowski all attended junior and senior conferences in Brandon.

Members have taken part in the livestock judging, calf scrambles, exchange trips, district, regional and provincial public speaking. The members also did a community service project - painting at Neepawa Fairgrounds, worked on a musical ride, held Christmas parties, trail rides, attended activity days, clinics and celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1985. Shaunda Drader and Kathy Jakubowski went on a South Dakota Trip.

Kathy Jakubowski attended the National Members Conference in Toronto. Lori Hall and Carolyn McLeod were on a Manitoba exchange trip. Carolyn McLeod attended Citizenship Seminar in Ottawa.

Lori Hall and Trevor McLeod attended Careers Conference in Winnipeg. Trevor McLeod attended a Public Relation Conference in Brandon. Cindy Kolesar attended Specialty Camp in Saskatchewan.

Carolyn McLeod attended livestock judging in Regina. Carole Drader attended Know Manitoba Tour (twice), the National Leaders'' Conference in Toronto and was elected to represent the Southwest Region on Manitoba Council for three years, and elected president in March 1985, until March 1986.

The club is working on an exchange trip for 13-14 year olds to Moose Jaw for 1986 and Highway Clean-up.


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