Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Social life in the very early days was limited to neighbourly visits. By 1890, however, horses had replaced the oxen, and the next 20 years saw a gay social whirl.

In the winter, everyone enjoyed the house parties. At these, folks played games and sang songs until the early hours of the morning. While the older folk chatted, the young people held hands in the corner.

Summer time heralded a gay round of picnics.

The Queen''s birthday and July 1st were especially gala events. On those days the whole district took a holiday and flocked to the school to celebrate. The young men played tug-of-war, football and baseball, and many and fierce were the battles with neighbouring teams. According to reports, our boys manfully upheld the honour of the district, especially in football, a very popular pastime in those days.

The little girls in tight curls, and best Sunday pinafores daintily played hop-scotch and other ladylike games while the mothers prepared a bountiful supper. This always included gallons of homemade ice cream. Little boys cheerfully turned the handle of the freezer, and were allowed to sample the finished product by licking the dasher as a reward for their labours.

by E.A McDonald At Brookdale as in many districts, early entertainment took place in the homes and in the local school. As facilities were added, social organizations also came into being, with programs that made use of church, school and hall. This history of events seems to be much the same for the Ingelow, Gordon and Oberon districts as well.


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