Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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During the latter months of winter, a three-act play was often rehearsed in our districts. The production date was usually prearranged, and the play would be presented at home first, then taken to the surrounding districts. These plays were not only entertaining but provided a chance for sponsoring organizations to make some money. Sometimes ifit were a one-act play and thought to be good enough, itwould be entered in the Provincial Drama Festival.

Under the direction of the teacher who had chosen a one-act playas an item for presentation at the local Christmas Tree program, students would often get their first taste of legitimate acting.

Every district had to have someone with a lot of patience and some experience to direct the cast of usually inexperienced players.

The Gordon community had a quite brilliant performer of monologue, Mr. Jim Litt. There was help too from the clergy and other members of the district.

Ingelow had Mr. Booth, Evelyn (Mitchell) Moffatt, Flora McDonald, Lillian (Moffatt) Mitchell and Myrtle Swanson.

Oberon had Jack Kenny, Frank May, Raymond Strohman, Martha Dodds and others.

Brookdale had members of the clergy: J.e.

Anderson,J.E. Bell,G.W. McNeill,W.E. McDonald, and G. Daly. Others who directed were the station agent, Mr. E.A.Newcomb, school teachers, and one who had been a member of several local casts, Ernie McLeod.

Some of the plays presented over the years at Brookdale by other districts were: "The Little Clod Hopper" (Ingelow). "lighthouse Nan" (Gordon) "The EarlyBird"and "Deacon Dubbs" (Oberon) "Eyes of Love" (Wellwood) "Yimmy Yohnson''s Yob" (Moore Park). Some of the local productions were: "The Fascinating Fanny Brown", "His Uncle''s Niece", "Cyclone Sally", "The Half of My Goods", (aBiblicaldrama), and "The Bishop''s Candlesticks", a splendid Drama Festival effort.


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