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Brookdale Manitoba History

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Programme Jan. 4th - Local debate, Resolved that it willbe in the best interests of the Dominion to exclude Chinese and Japenses immigrants .

Literary Convener Jan. 11 - Debate with Ingelow at Ingelow .

Literary Committee Jan. 18th - The responsibility of Canada to the non-Christian races ..... J.W. Ridd, Franklin, Man.

Jan. 25th - The duties of a Canadian citizen ....

Citizenship Committee Feb. 1st - An evening with Sir Walter Scott ....

Literary Committee Feb. 8th - Farmers night President Feb. 15th - Debate with Gordon Society .

Literary Committee Feb. 22nd - How our laws are made .

Citizenship Committee Mar. 1st - What the higher critics have done for the Bible Bible S. Committee Mar. 8th - Debate Ingelow at Brookdale Mar. 15th - Irish night . . . .. Literary Committee Mar. 22nd - The Premier and the Cabinet .

Citizenship Committee Mar. 29th - Lantern lecture "Ben Hur" .

Rev. F.e. Middleton Apr. 5th - Debate, Brookdale at Gordon Apr. 12th - Modern lessons from Abraham .....

Bible Society Committee Apr. 19th - How Parliament does business .....

Citizenship Committee Apr. 26th - Silver medal contest May 3rd - Missionary topic, Bible S Committee May 10th - My trip to the Holy Land .

Mr. Jas. McIntosh, Neepawa May 17th - A night with Canadian poets .

Literary Committee May 24th - Building of the British Empire .

Rev. F.e. Middleton Officers Hon. Pres Rev. F.C. Middleton President G. Walkey Literary Convener O.W. McDonald Bible Study Convener O. Watson Citizenship Convener H.W. Davidson Secretary-Treas W.H. Swallow OBERON A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Avery successful bachelor concert was held in Oberon hall on Friday, January 18, 1935.With eight marriages in four months in the summer of 1934,the bachelors joined forces and organized what they thought was a girl-proof club. They undertook to try their hand at entertainment and put on a concert.

Neil McKenzie acted as chairman and Archie Carmichael was the pianist. The program included: Chorus "Bury Me Out on the Lone Prairie" by the bachelors; a monologue "Help, I''m Married" by Arthur May; a broadcasting program of news from station BUNK by the windjammers, Romeo and Bruno who were E. Thorn and C. Freeborn; a threeact play "Why We Stay Single" written by Harry Byram and assisted by Lloyd Baker. The cast of the play was as follows; Rose, the attractive young sweetheart played by Forrest Alexander, Rose''s mother by Thos. Dennis, Alex, the young lover, by Jimmy Oliver, Jack, the happy bachelor, by L.

Baker.Next on the program was a reading "The Joys of a Bachelor''s Life" by P. Alexander. Next came a shadow play which was something new "The Shooting of Dan McGrew". The characters were: Dan McGrew was Jack Hanley; the stranger from the creeks was John Martin; Low, a lady, was Tom Dennis; the house proprietor was Earl Thorn; other house occupants were Cecil Freeborn and Jack Kirkness; the elocutionist was Harry Byram and the ragtime kid was Archie Carmichael.

The next item was a pantomine "I want to Go Back to My Mammy". Wm. Bee played the part of a dar key boy; Forrest Alexander was Mammy; the trio of singers off stage were Albert Robertson, Jack Kirkness and Harry Byram. This was followed by a reading "What Women Mean and Why" by F.


Another pantomine "Lamp Lighting Time in The Valley" with Tom Dennis acting as mother and A Mayas the fugitive son, the quartette off stage was A Robertson, F. Alexander, J. Kirkness and H.

Byram. Next H. Byram sang a solo which he had written about the recent newlyweds. Jack Kirkness followed with a solo which he had composed about the nuptial prospects. A reading "Where It''s Not So Dusty" was given by J. Kirkness. Last was the quartette singing "The Letter Edged in Black" and a chorus by the bachelors, some of whom were in a hurry to keep their dates with the girl friends which was contrary to the theme of the program.

J.E. Kenney, the district correspondent, commented favorably on the good acting, scenery and costumes of the bachelors'' concert.


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