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CONCERT PROVES GREAT SUCCESS Brookdale Scholars Stage Splendid Christmas Program (Special to the Winnipeg Tribune) BROOKDALE, Man., Dec. 26 -- 1929 Brookdale Consolidated School held its Christmas tree and concert on Friday evening with one of the largest crowds on record in the Community Hall.

Rev. G. McNeill took the chair, and kept in constant touch with Santa Claus, who arrived to distribute the gifts at the close of the evening.

Mr. McNeill''s welcome to the people was followed by a "Welcome" chorus by the children of Miss Whitman''s room and later entertained with, "Christmas in the Ruggles Family." The primary room, under the guidance of Miss E. Caldwell, presented a recitation by Rheta Jardine and Clara Rogers; a solo by Margaret Lawrie: "The March of the Mechanical Dolls", and a dialogue with an additional song, "There''s a Wonderful Christmas Garden" and "Christmas Fairies".

The Junior High, under the direction of Miss M. Brigden, offered a sketch, "Too Greedy by Half", and a mixed chorus. The Senior and Junior High presented Dickens'' "A Christmas Carol", in the space of half an hour. Norman Vinthers impersonated Scrooge, and Austin Mack, his nephew, while Tommy Dennis was Fred. Misses Alice Martin, Ursula Evans, Jean Lawrie, Winona Newcomb and Annie Christensen acted the parts of Mrs. Fred, Belinda, Martha and the twins respectively. Harold Hart was Tiny Tim. The spirit world was represented by Ross Smith, and Misses Edith Harburn, Myrtle Harburn, and Grace Boles.

This was directed by Miss Elmira Newcomb, and the scenery by Miss Grace McDonald. The other parts were well acted.

The carollers sang well, under the direction of Miss Marjorie Robertson. Misses Marjorie Robertson and Elmira Newcomb supplied the music. The school chorus was trained by Miss Whitman.


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