Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Brookdale, Man., March 4, 1930 -- Brookdale Players, under the auspices of the Ladies'' Aid of the United Church, presented, "The Snowball", in the Community Hall on Friday, February 28, under the able direction of Mrs. AL.

Curtis. Hilliard Clegg, as leading man, impersonated Felix; Miss B. Whitman, his wife; Miss M. Brigden, his niece; Miss E. Caldwell, the maid; AL. Curtis, Uncle John; H. Kinney, Saunders, the butler; and D. Aikenhead, as Harry, suitor to Felix''s niece, Ethel. The epilogue was given by Miss Whitman.

Mr. Clegg starred throughout in his very difficult role.

In 1933, the play, "His Uncle''s Niece", put on Friday evening, March 31, was a great credit to Mr.

G.L. Kramer, the director, and all the players.

Judging from the continuous laughter, the audience enjoyed the play immensely. The cast included: Richard Tate, (Bert Witherspoon); Francis Felton, (Angus Lawrie); Dora Hale, (Dorothy Davidson); Alice Malcolm, (Margaret Brandon); Simon Felton (AL. Curtis), Philander Fillmore (Jock Cumberland); Timothy Hay (L.G. Curtis); Silas Sickle mas (W.H. Clegg). Owing to the sickness of L.G. Curtis, who was to play the part of Timothy Hay, Mr. G.L.

Kramer, the director, took the part at the last moment and carried it through without a hitch.


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