Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Over the years, community picnics have been of interest to all age groups.

Picnics were held on the Gordon School grounds in the early years. Later, the good picnics at the Hebe Hockin farm will not be forgotten. If you couldn''t run, for goodness sake get off the track when the Hockin and Strohman brothers came rocking down the lOO-yard dash! They raced in earnest and with good friendly spirit.

Some of the first Ingelow picnics were held just west of the new house that Myrtle Blenkhorne built on S.E. 5-12-16. Small poplar trees were brought from elsewhere and stuck in the ground to shade the spectators. Apparently this worked quite well.

Later the picnic site was moved to the village.

There the race track for bicycle and horse was across the railway and around the elevator, west to the north-south road, then back east on the main street. Still later, the picnics were held in a natural setting called, Booth''s Grove, as well as at the Ingelow School grounds.

Oberon picnics were held at the Donald Carmichael farm.

At one of the picnics held in the Brookdale School yard, I remember them letting a greased pig loose, to see the fastest or the most hungry pursuer make the catch to keep. For several years the Brookdale Masonic Lodge members and the Sunday School teachers sponsored an annual picnic at Booth''s Grove. In later years the picnics have been held at Brookdale once more.


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