Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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the original Ink Spots from Winnipeg.

Some of the travelling orchestras to play a one-night stand in our area were: Fred Hadaller and his Alberta Cow Girls, Charlie Herald and his Roundup Rangers, Glen Frain, and Herb Pauls (who had been with Art McEwan and his Farmer Fiddlers). Herb did fancy rope twirling during intermission.

Several orchestras from Wellwood and Neepawa have given us many hours of pleasure.

We must not forget the Rip Chords, a group under the direction of Gerald Death, which came from the Air Base at Carberry.

Society never seems able to return to its former way of life after a war in which it has been involved. In the interest of education and health especially, we were determined to have roads that would permit us to drive our car all the year round.

In the late 1940''s and 50''s, our municipality adopted a plan to open main roads as soon as possible in the spring, and to elevate these roads so that snow would not stay on them. With the success of this effort, people were less interested in staying home to rehearse a three-act play. Then the T.V. and V.c.R., came into the living room, enabling us to view drama from a professional perspective, sometimes with awe, sometimes with disgust.

Similarly with the dance, we can travel now much further to a large hall that may meet the costs of upkeep and music. Although we lost our dance hall when the elementary school was closed, the Brookdale district has not only installed a plant to manufacture artificial ice for the curling rink, but is adding a new dance hall to the facility.

Iam confident that even though the number of people living in our district may have decreased, we still have the ability to provide our own entertainment.


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