Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Oberon district was very fortunate in having quite a few musicians to provide music through the early years. The Mack brothers - Albert, Ferdie, Arthur and SteJck were the first musicians and all played fiddles. Others who played were: Geo Davidson (Carberry), Sam Muirhead (Carberry), and his cousins, Harry Udey; Roy Arbuckle, William Freeborn and Albert Robertson. Sam Abbott played a larger violin. Cliff Freeborn played guitar, trap drums and his brother, Lorne played trap drums.

Arnold May played the saxophone, and horn.

Henry Thomson played the accordian and Harry Byram the drums. Abie Brown and Roy Tindall were some of the later musicians along with Jack Arnold and Chas Sage and Peters'' Orchestra of Hallboro.

Everyone enjoyed square dancing. Some men who called off and were floor managers were: Ernie McKinnon, Tom Martin, Jack White, Harry French, Herb Mcintosh and Eldon McDonald. Some of the ladies who accompanied the men on the piano were: Mrs. Wm. Freeborn, M. Udey, Mrs. Henry Thomson, M. Chisholm, H. Byram, Helen Poole, Marj Byram and Mrs. Morgan May. Before Wm.

Byram opened his newly built store for business, a dance was held in it with T. Martin Sr. as floor manager and W. Freeborn step danced. When the first dances were held in the Oberon hall, there was no piano. The young fellows carried the church organ over to the hall and back again. At that time Mrs. Morgan May played or chorded for fiddlers.


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