Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The building we call the Community Hall was started first by the Foresters, but for some reason was not completed. Adam McKenzie took it over and had it finished. At that time it had no kitchen or indoor toilets but there was a platform about one foot high.

In the summer of 1920 Dave Ernest and some volunteers erected an addition containing a kitchen, cloak room and one toilet (ladies only?) onto the north end of the "Oberon Auditorium" (so the newspaper printed). A new and higher platform was also built at the same time. In 1981 that addition was demolished and replaced with a new kitchen and toilet facilities - all done by volunteer labor.

The Oberon Hall is still used for different occasions such as potluck suppers, bridal showers, presentations for the newlyweds, and for those folks who retire to the large towns or cities, afterfuneral teas, wedding anniversary celebrations and of course, dances. The hall was certainly a hive of activity in the 1920''s and 1930''s especially with all the plays, whist drives, bazaars, teas, showers, pie and box socials, masquerades, and all special dances - something on almost every weekend.


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