Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Cinderella Club was organized for the single and young married women of the district. In early 1930''s a meeting to organize was held in the home of Mrs. Janet Evans with Myrtle Witherspoon acting as chair person. Miss Merrille Bridgen (Clegg) was elected president. The purpose of the club was to provide social activities for the community.

In the January meetings the year''s activities, dances, card parties, concerts, teas, were planned with something for each month. One large undertaking was the St. Patrick''s supper in March.

Supper was served from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. then the tables were cleared and an Irish Concert with mostly local talent was presented, followed by a dance and lunch.

A carnival with a queen contest was held in February in the open air rink. In spite of the cold, costume judging and races for young and old were held. For a windup the older boys competed in barrel racing and jumping. For this event barrels on their sides were lined up on the ice. Another barrel was added each time they were cleared until a winner was declared.

A gentleman paid admission, sometimes only 25q:, at the door and a lady brought lunch to the dunces. More than once a lady would walk in the door with a box under her arm, but when she took off her coat she took her shoes out of the box.

Summer time called for teas and picnics, also a flower and vegetable show. I remember one we held on the veranda of the vacant Kinney house where Dan Jardine now lives. Flowers and vegetables were arranged on the lawn and veranda, but there were also tea tables on the veranda and lemonade and lunch was served both afternoon and evening, with the flies and mosquitoes. Shrove Tuesday was observed with a pancake supper served in either the rink or Masonic Hall. This group staged several three act plays, and sponsored a drama festival for one act plays with entrants from Carberry and Neepawa.

When there were any profits from these projects they were donated to the rink, Ladies'' Aid and other organizations. Business and social meetings were held once a month, some of these were work meetings. The club members made the uniforms for one of our girls when she had been accepted for nurses'' training.

The outbreak of war brought many changes, with rationing entertaining was harder to do. Work efforts were turned to knitting, sewing and quilting for the Red Cross. One of the last gatherings was a farewell party for Bessie Curtis when she left Brookdale.


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